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Positive Risk Taking

The characters and story of the play are fictitious, but the process of writing it drew from real people, situations and experiences. It was jointly commissioned by Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group and Gloucestershire County Council to promote staff of all disciplines questioning and positively challenging their own practice in supporting older people's positive risk taking

The positive risk taking workstream's main purpose has been to stimulate conversations and promote healthy discussions about our attitude to risk in our daily lives - initially as professionals, but ultimately as individuals

The play doesn't evoke any single set of reactions and is not intended to be used on its own. It is designed to promote learning and reflection amongst health and social care professionals in all sectors. We hope that it will get you thinking and talking about the issues it raises 

What is abuse or neglect - how to report it: There is a variety of promotional and publicity material for safeguarding adults. This information is intended to help you to prevent abuse and report it where you think it is happening. Please take time to look at it and where you think an adult with care and support needs may be at risk of  harm, abuse, mistreatment or crime - report it.

Safeguarding Adults - Social Care Information Leaflet

Safeguarding Adult Reviews - information sheet

Adult abuse Audio leaflet

Making Safeguarding Personal - for the adult at risk

Easy Read Guide on Safeguarding and the Process 

Safeguarding and Carers

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