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Information sheets

Need to know more? There are a range of information sheets to choose from.

Family, friends and neighbours can often provide short-tern help. You can buy ready-made meals from your local supermarket which can also deliver them to you in many cases if your order on line.

You can also buy hot chilled and frozen meals from a range of Gloucestershire providers. There are activities like luncheon clubs that you can attend where meals are provided.

In some circumstances, the council may arrange subsidised community meals for you. This is usually short-term arrangement while you recover from an illness or setback. You can find our further details on our information sheet.

This leaflet is about the information we collect about you , how we use it and your information rights under the Data Protection Act 2018.

For more detailed information on this area, please visit the Adult Social Care privacy notice or visit our Information management and security policies page.

Information about the benefits system and financial entitlement

The benefits system provides practical help and financial support. You may be entitled to support if you have a disability, are ill, or if you care for someone. It also provides you with additional income if you are unemployed and looking for work, if your earnings are low, if you are bringing up children, or if you are retired.

Benefits are administered by the Department for Work and Pensions, tax credits are administered by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, and Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are administered by your local City, District or Borough Council.

This leaflet is intended to give general guidance about benefit entitlement. It is not a full guide to every benefit and should not be taken as such.

Information about support available to people with a visual (sight) impairment

In Gloucestershire there is a range of support available to help visually impaired people maintain as much independence and control over their lives as possible. This information sheet tells you about the different sources of support and how to find out more about them. There is also information about national organisations and statutory services.

This information sheet is also available in large print.

Information for people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment

In Gloucestershire there is support to help deaf and hard of hearing people keep as much independence and control over their lives as possible. This information sheet is a guide to the support available, and how to find out more. It also includes some practical advice about managing hearing loss.

To view this information sheet (and to print a copy):

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