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Information sheets

Need to know more? There are a range of information sheets to choose from.

This leaflet is about the information we collect about you , how we use it and your information rights under the Data Protection Act 2018.

For more detailed information on this area, please visit the Adult Social Care privacy notice or visit our Information management and security policies page.

Information about the benefits system and financial entitlement

The benefits system provides practical help and financial support. You may be entitled to support if you have a disability, are ill, or if you care for someone. It also provides you with additional income if you are unemployed and looking for work, if your earnings are low, if you are bringing up children, or if you are retired.

Benefits are administered by the Department for Work and Pensions, tax credits are administered by Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs, and Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit are administered by your local City, District or Borough Council.

This leaflet is intended to give general guidance about benefit entitlement. It is not a full guide to every benefit and should not be taken as such.


Information about how we work out charges for services and contributions for Personal Budgets

Adult Social Care has changed across England, giving people greater choice and control over the support they need. The changes reflect a more personal approach; instead of fitting into existing services, you can choose from a much wider range of solutions and providers.

If you are assessed as being eligible for support to enableyou to live at home, we will offer you a personal budget. So, instead of the council buying services on your behalf, you can decide how to use your personal budget.

(including versions for sight impaired people and easy read for learning disabilities)

We want to know what you think. If you wish to make a complaint you can complete the Online Feedback Form

Alternatively, you can use the

Telephone: Colin Davies on 01452 426539

Email: complaintssocialservices@gloucestershire.gov.uk
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Write to:

Colin Davies,
Complaints Manager,
Adult Social Care,
Freepost Plus RRAY-LAYL-HKJX,
Gloucester GL2 2TG

An overview of the types of support we may be able to provide

Many people will receive support from us at some stage in their lives. You may care for an older relative and need support. You may be in hospital and think you will find it difficult to manage when you get home. You may need a parking badge if you, or someone you care for, are disabled, so that you can get about more easily.

Please view NHS Choices for more information.

Will you be able to get support?

Find out more about the support available and request an assessment of your needs

You can find much more information about the services available for you on the Your Circle website .

Long term care: contact us to see if we can help you

Information about support available to people with a visual (sight) impairment

In Gloucestershire there is a range of support available to help visually impaired people maintain as much independence and control over their lives as possible. This information sheet tells you about the different sources of support and how to find out more about them. There is also information about national organisations and statutory services.

This information sheet is also available in large print.

Information for people who are deaf or have a hearing impairment

In Gloucestershire there is support to help deaf and hard of hearing people keep as much independence and control over their lives as possible. This information sheet is a guide to the support available, and how to find out more. It also includes some practical advice about managing hearing loss.

To view this information sheet (and to print a copy):

If you require care and support services, your needs will be assessed by us, and we will work with you to identify whether your needs are eligible. (Eligible needs are those that qualify for help from a local authority). This means that some needs will be supported, but others may not.

From April 2015, the Care Act introduces a new national eligibility framework for care and support, so we will have to meet the care and support of someone who has unmet eligible needs, just like everywhere else in England. The government has said that the new needs assessment must put you at the heart of the process, and consider what outcomes you want to achieve and we are adapting our assessments and our processes to make sure that they are fully compliant with the new requirements.

  • If your assessment has been started before 1 April we will continue with the current assessment forms and then we will consider the new National Eligibility Framework so that we make sure that we are complying fully with the National Eligibility framework from 1 April.
  • If you are currently receiving care and support and your needs meet the new national eligibility criteria, you will continue to receive this support.
  • If Gloucestershire County Council currently meets needs that will not be covered by the new national eligibility framework we will continue to do so until the next re-assessment. If we decide to stop meeting these needs, we must first consult the local community.

For more information on the National Eligibility Criteria and Adult Social Care and Support, please visit What are the national eligibility criteria for care and support?.

An overview of Adult Mental Health support available in Gloucestershire and how to find out more information

Mental health problems range from the worries we all experience as part of everyday life to serious long-term conditions. The majority of people who experience mental health problems can get over them or learn to live with them, especially if they get help early on.

This sheet contains information about mental health to help ensure you get the information you need and know what support is available to help you.

Support and information for people who care for someone

A Carer is a person who cares for a relative, friend or neighbour, who through illness or disability is unable to look after him/herself. Becoming a Carer can happen to anyone at any time of life A carer is not someone who is paid to look after others, like a nurse or care worker, or a volunteer working for a voluntary organisation. This information sheet is a guide to support available in Gloucestershire, and how to find out more.

A guide to identifying and reporting the abuse of vulnerable adults

It is everyone's responsibility to know about, and report, the abuse of vulnerable people. This information sheet will help if you want to know more about the subject, and what to do if you or someone else is being abused. It describes what abuse is and what the signs might be, who might commit it and where, and what to do if you have any concerns.

This webpage is currently under development, please view http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/Pages/how-can-i-get-social-care-support.aspx for more information.

Reablement support provided by Adult Social Care

Reablement means help with the transition back to independence after a period of ill health, a hospital stay, a residential care stay, or simply a fall or accident. Anyone over the age of 18 who meets the Reablement criteria may have access to intensive Reablement support services for up to six weeks, for which there will be no charge.

Through the Reablement pathway you will be encouraged and supported to rebuild your independence to a level which is safe and meaningful for your personal life style.

For enquiries contact the Adult Social Care Helpdesk on 01452 426868.

This webpage is currently under development, please view http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/social-care-and-support-guide/Pages/how-can-i-get-social-care-support.aspx for more information.

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