Gloucestershire Mental Capacity Act 2005 Multi-Agency Policy, Procedure and Guidance

The MCA 2005 provides a statutory and quality framework to empower and protect some of the most vulnerable people in society. It makes it clear who can take decisions, in which situations, and how they should go about this in respect of people who lack capacity to make particular decisions for themselves. It also enables any member of the community to plan for the time when they may lack capacity.

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This multi-agency MCA policy was developed under the auspices of the Gloucestershire Local Implementation Network (LIN) and has been revised under the MCA Governance Group (MCAGG). The latter is made up of senior representatives of  GCC, all Health Trusts, Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group (GCCG), Healthwatch, South West Ambulance Service and Gloucestershire Police.  It is intended it will be endorsed by a number of local and independent  and voluntary organisations. 

The policy contains a number of specific tools to enable staff to more effectively implement the Act, such as capacity assessment forms for day to day decisions, a form for significant decisions, and a booklet that allows the recording of advance statements and Advance Decisions.   In the Downloads section (below) documents 'MCA1' to 'MCA 19' are appendices to the main policy document. The appendices include copies of forms and letters some of which are available to GCC staff in ERIC.

Supporting documents


MCA Annex 1 GWAS Conveyance of Patient Lacking Capacity to Hospital form

MCA1 [Example] Everyday decision about Care and Treatment - Flu vaccination

MCA1 [Example] Everyday Finances day to day decisions Final TK and RM

MCA1 [Example] Nutrition Needs Everyday decision FINAL TK and RM

MCA1 [Example] Personal care Needs FINAL day to day decisions example TK and RM

MCA1 [Example] Safety Needs day to day decision FINAL example Road safety

MCA1 [Example] Social Needs day to day FINAL TK and RM

MCA1.1 Health & Treatment April 2014

MCA1.2 Social Care Needs April 2014

MCA1.3 Everyday Spending ( Finance) April 2014

MCA1.4 Nutrition Care needs April 2014

MCA1.5 Personal Care Needs April 2014

MCA1.6 Safety Needs April 2014

MCA1.7 Copy & Paste Template April 2014

MCA10 Final - Capacity and Finance April 2014

MCA12 MCA2 Audit Form April 2014

MCA13 Best Interest Meetings Guidance

MCA14 Accessing The Court of Protection – Good Practice Guidance April 2014

MCA15 What is Mental Capacity & Why Does it Matter

MCA16 Decision Tree April 2014

MCA17 MCAGG MCA Performance Report Framework April 2014


MCA19 Standards for completion of MCA2 April 2014

MCA4 Local Flowchart April 2014

MCA5 Advance Decisions Guidance April 2014

MCA6 Advance Decisions Checklist April 2014

MCA7 Advanced Care Planning Guide April 2014

MCA8 Planning for your Future Best Interests Decisions April 2014

MCA9 LPA Checklist April 2014

MCAGG Mental Capacity Assessment for significant decisions

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