Paying for your Social Care

From October 2023, changes to Adult Social Care will affect financial assessment and how much you have to pay for your care.  There is more information about what will change and how this will affect you on the Department of Health and Social Care website.

We will update this webpage and our paying for your care booklet closer to the time.

Paying for care and support

Social care for adults is hardly ever free. Means tested charges apply to almost all care and support arranged or provided by the council. 

If you have had a Care Act assessment and the council has agreed to meet your eligible needs, we will:

  • calculate how much this will cost. The total cost is called your personal budget.
  • ask you to have a financial assessment if charges apply.

The financial assessment is a national means test which we use to determine how much you must pay towards your personal budget. Most people will have to pay something towards the total cost and the council will pay the balance. Some people will have to pay the full cost. Some people will not pay anything.

You can estimate how much you might have to pay by using the council’s online calculators. These are free, confidential and easy to use. They will also give you an idea of what we take into account in your financial assessment.

You can use your personal budget in several ways when the council is meeting part of the cost of your care and support:

  • You can ask the council to make all the arrangements for you
  • You can apply for a direct payment so that you arrange your own care
  • You can have a combination of the two.

About direct payments

When you have a direct payment, the council sets up a direct payment bank account for you. This is a Payment Card account similar to a debit card account. Each month:

  • the council pays its share of your personal budget into the account, and
  • you or the person managing the direct payment on your behalf pay in your share then use the money to arrange your care and support.

Conditions apply but most people can have a direct payment if they would like to have one. Our Direct Payment Team will explain about direct payments when they help you to plan your care and support. Direct payments are not currently available for permanent care in a care home.

Please see the council’s direct payments webpage for more details.

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