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Gloucestershire County Council Warning Flags Policy

The County Council supports the application of warnings/flags/hazards and the application of communications protocols where appropriate, and will take action to protect staff from behaviour which is abusive, offensive or threatening, but wishes to ensure a robust process is in place to manage this.

There are occasions when it is necessary for staff to put a communications protocol in place or apply a warning, flag or hazard to the record of a service user or individual known to the Council, either for the increased safety of that individual, other people they are associated with, or staff members who are working with them.

A 'warning', 'flag' or 'hazard' will be applied to an individual's electronic record when, in the professional opinion of the worker/staff member, and following discussion with their line manager, it is deemed appropriate to do so. A communications protocol will be established for an individual when a senior manager feels it is no longer appropriate or safe for that individual to have contact with staff in general across the County Council. In all instances, providing it is safe to do so, the individual concerned will be informed of the addition to their record or change to their communication method.

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