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Infection Control (Jan 1999 Revised October 2010)

The Directorate is committed to minimising the risk of infection to its staff and service users. It will do this by ensuring good standards of basic hygiene, and by insisting on universal infection control procedures, and by providing staff with appropriate training and equipment.


This policy is relevant to all staff in all settings but is particularly applicable to staff performing a personal care function.

The first section focuses on hand care and hand washing being the basis of good hygiene. It outlines procedures to ensure that the risk of spreading infections is minimised.

The policy includes sections that give staff clear instructions about what to do if they think they may be infectious, or have an accident that might jeopardise effective infection control.

There are sections that detail the procedures to follow when handling body products and disposing of waste. There are additional procedures to be followed when particular infections, such as MRSA, are present.

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