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The Quality Compass

Quality Compass is an electronic survey sent to the client's circle of support.

Why do we need the survey?

The survey is an opportunity to incorporate the views of an individual's circle of support into our quality improvement process. All the views are fed back to the provider anonymously and are then used to open a dialogue with the provider to improve the quality of care for those you are close to.  The results and comments from the Quality Compass will enable us to take a proactive approach where concerns are highlighted to ensure vulnerable people are safe and receive a high level of care.

Who do we ask to complete the survey?

In order to create a complete picture of care we ask different groups of people within an individual's network to complete the survey. These include:

Family and friends
Staff members
Support workers
Social care professionals
Health professionals

This therefore provides us with a broad spectrum of opinions and expertise. Sometimes we may ask different groups of people within the survey different questions so that you only answer questions that are relevant to you.


What does the survey ask you?

The survey looks at different areas that are important to the individual(s) which establish the level of their choice, control and independence. Questionnaire sections include:

Their home
Social inclusion
Personal health
Skills, independence and daily living tasks

You will be given an opportunity to expand on your answers at the end of each section where you may comment as little or as much as you like.

How do we use the survey results?

Your answers are incorporated into an anonymised report that is shared with the provider. It produces average scores across each section of the questionnaire and compares those scores with the average across the county. We are then able to work with the provider to ascertain where they are working well and how they can make improvements.

The provider can also see how many people responded to the survey, from what group of people they were from, and any comments made with personal details removed.


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