Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training Trial

Oliver McGowan

The trial of the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism launched in Gloucestershire on 1st April.  The training is part of a national commitment to develop a standardised training package and the below local organisations were one of four national partners appointed to co-design and co-deliver the training for groups of health and social care staff as part of the national trial. The project team comprises of

All of the training is fully co-designed and co-delivered with people with a learning disability, autistic people, family carers and people working within learning disability and autism services

The online launch of the Gloucestershire trial opened with the screening of this film produced by and featuring members of the training team, in which they talk about the purpose of the trial, its primary aims, and what the training will involve.

Project Lead Rozz McDonald explained how the data from this trial will be analysed by the National Development Team for Inclusion and used to build the mandatory training package, which will be introduced in 2022. At this point it will be a requirement for all health and social care staff to have completed the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism. The trial findings will also help determine the best way to deliver the training to a wide range of staff your feedback is really important to shape this course for the future.

Further information about the Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training in Learning Disability and Autism, including Tier 2 training dates and useful links, can be found on the Gloucestershire Health and Care NHSFT website

If you have any questions, please contact OliverMGMT@ghc.nhs.uk


The Training

There are 2 Tiers of training on offer.  Managers & staff will need to decide which Tier of training is most appropriate for them/their staff and whilst staff are welcome to do both tiers, they need only do the relevant tier to their job role. 

Please contact proudtolearn@gloucestershire.gov.uk for a registration link, or for existing users a password reset.

Tier 1
This tier is relevant to all staff working in any sector who may occasionally interact with people with a learning disability and/or autistic people, but who do not have responsibility for providing direct care or making decisions about care or support.

Tier 1 comprises a 1.5 hour Information film, and a 30 minute live webinar facilitated by an expert by experience with learning disabilities or who is autistic with or without learning disabilities. This will be held on ZOOM.  These activities can be completed in any order, but you will need both to receive your certification.

Tier 1 – Learning Module
This module covers five areas: -

  • Oliver McGowan’s Story and the context for the training trial
  • Understanding learning disabilities
  • Understanding autism
  • Communication

Tier 1 – Webinar
This 30-minute webinar is facilitated by an Expert by Experience and a co-facilitator. You will join the call with your camera and video off, and use the chat box to ask questions.  We will start with some ‘myth-busting’, and the facilitator will then choose up to six of the audiences’ questions to answer. This will help learners to understand some of the experiences and advice that people have to share.
Training covers the learning outcomes for tier 1 of the Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People and Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting People with a Learning Disability. To earn certification both parts of Tier 1 must be completed.

Tier 2
Health and social care staff and others with responsibility for providing care and support for an autistic person or people with a learning disability, but who would seek support from others for complex management or complex decision-making.

This is a hybrid event, which means the live event is attended by both online and in-person attendees at the same time.

This whole day session runs between 9:30-4:30 and you can book a place to attend either via Zoom or in the room. Sessions will run across various venues in the county to reach more rural areas as well as some larger central venues.

The training has been fully co-designed and will be facilitated by an expert with lived experience of autism or learning disabilities, a family carer and a professional working within learning disability services. This ensures that three perspectives are shared throughout.

This day will explore the best ways to support autistic people and people with a learning disability across the lifespan. We will explore how best to tailor our communication and understanding, and adjust our skills and services to prevent deaths like Oliver McGowan’s from happening again.
Learners will also receive an e-book containing helpful resources and tools.

Training covers the learning outcomes for tier 2 of the Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting Autistic People and Core Capabilities Framework for Supporting People with a Learning Disability.


Comments and Concerns

In addition to giving your feedback via the pre and post session survey links, you can also share any comments or concerns about the course content and/or the delivery of the materials. This can be done via email at olivermgmt@ghc.nhs.uk for attention of Rozz McDonald (Project Lead).

If you would like to give your feedback or raise your concerns at a higher level, then Gloucestershire Health & Care NHS Foundation Trust who has overall responsibility for the project have their own process as follows:-

Giving feedback

If you would like to share your views or make a complaint, you can:


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