Permit Scheme


What is a permit scheme?

The Traffic Management Act (2004) established all Council's regulatory duty to manage their networks, and Part 3 of the Act allows for a Council to operate a permit scheme via a legal Order to deliver this duty.

Under a Permit Scheme, any individual or organisation intending to carry out works on the highway must make an application to the Council for a permit. The Council has the power to grant or refuse a permit, as well as applying conditions to the permit in relation to the how and when the works are carried out.

Through these powers the Council will be able to coordinate and control works on the road more effectively.

Gloucestershire County Council introduced a permit scheme on 3rd March 2020

Objectives of a permit scheme

The primary objectives of a permit scheme are:

  • reduce the disruption caused by road works;
  • improve the information available on works, including advanced warning and duration;
  • improve safety for those undertaking works and travelling through works; and
  • reduce damage caused to the highway.


Reinstatement category of street Road category 0-2 or traffic sensitive Road category 3-4 and non-traffic sensitive
Provisional advanced authorisation £90 £59
Major activity or requiring a TTRO £183 £97
Major activity - 4 to 10 days £92 £49
Major activity - up to 3 days £46 £25
Standard activity £112 £56
Minor activity £57 £29
Immediate activity £52 £25

Permit Variation Fees

For permit variations, the Permit Authority will charge: -

  • £45.00 for all works on category 0, 1 and 2 streets and category 3 and 4 streets that are traffic-sensitive;
  • £35.00 for activities on category 3 and 4 streets which are not designated as traffic-sensitive.

Permit Fee Reduction

Reduction for works wholly outside of Traffic Sensitive Times on Traffic Sensitive Streets. The Authority will apply a discount to both Road Categories 3 – 4 that are Traffic Sensitive and Road Category 0-2, where the works are wholly outside indicated Traffic Sensitive Times.

Discount rates

30% on permit fees as set out above

Collaborative Working

Any Statutory Undertaker shall be eligible for a discount where an activity involves more than one promoter and collaborating in one single set of works. This may include collaboration with highway authority promoters as well as other Statutory Undertakers. Promoters should utilise the relevant electronic system data fields to indicate whether collaboration is to take place. Requirements and discounts are set out in Section 3.8 and 15.6 of the Permit Scheme.

Further information

A copy of the permit scheme can be found to the right of this page.

Requests for further information on the permit scheme or related processes can be sent to:

Street Works to Shire Hall
Westgate Street
Gloucester GL1 2TH

  • by phoning 08000 514 514.

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