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The Lengthsman scheme

Gloucestershire County Council is expanding the Lengthsman scheme to the whole county

Last year we trialled a new initiative called the Lengthsman scheme, a mobile two-man Highways crew. In 2016/17 this will be expanded to provide Lengthsman to every council member for three weeks in the year on a rotational basis.

The trial has shown that Lengthsmen are best focused on a range of basic Highways activities along a defined length of road, and Lengthsmen crews are encouraged to be proactive on site and carry out other jobs they see which need doing, and to engage with members and parish councillors on site.

We need your input

Please identify lengths of road to your Local Highway Manager for the week allocated to your area, where they will focus on the basic activities below and priorities raised in advance. We need your input at least two weeks before the Lengthsmen are due in your area. The Lengthsman schedule will be provided by your Local Highway Manager.

Priority activities for Lengthsmen
along a defined length of road

Fill small holes in road / footway
Clean sign faces and bollard reflectors
Straighten sign posts, verge posts / bollards
Clear drainage gully grills and grips
Prune / strim overhanging & intrusive vegetation
Tidy up footways (vegetation siding and re-bed loose slabs / setts)
Reset loose kerbs and gully grills

Help us improve Highways

Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details.