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Background Information

Traffic modelling reports

In order to test the impact of proposed changes to roads in the town centre mathematical traffic models have been used to predict how traffic will respond. The modelling used comprised of "Saturn" which is used to examine the strategic changes to a highway network over a large area and "Paramics" which allows a more localised detailed assessment at key locations.  The following reports are available to provide detail of the studies carried out over the last six years:

November 2008: A "Saturn" traffic model was used to test the traffic impact of the Civic Pride proposals developed for Cheltenham Borough Council. The scheme included a two-way bus route through Boots Corner and retained one-way traffic in Oriel Road and Imperial Square North.
2008 November Civic Pride Traffic Modelling

December 2010: A "Paramics" traffic model was developed to examine the traffic impacts in more detail. The validation report reports on the models accuracy in replicating traffic flows.
2010 December Civic Pride Local Model Validation Report

August 2012:The "Paramics" model was used to consider new options for traffic management including the two-way traffic in Imperial Square North and Oriel Road and the effect of promoting other ways of travelling for local journeys in Cheltenham.
2012 August Imperial Square and Oriel Road Two Way Traffic

July 2013: The "Paramics" model was used to provide a report on the impact of the preferred option. This was used to provide information used in the public consultation carried out in July and August 2013.
2013 July Preferred Option Modelling Summary Report

July 2013:A further test was carried out to assess the impact of keeping Rodney Road open to all traffic. In the preferred option test access to Rodney Road was restricted to access only.
2013 July Rodney Road Sensitivity Test

Traffic surveys

May 2009: During May 2009 Clarence Street and Boots Corner was closed temporarily to all traffic for repairs to a gas main. A number of traffic surveys were carried out to examine how traffic flows would respond.  
2009 May Temporary Closure Traffic Surveys

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