Phase 3 - Royal Well

Current position:



Detailed consideration and analysis of the extent of the changes for Phase 3 have been on-going through 2017.  The initial extent / concept was to include Royal Well Road, Clarence Street and Clarence Parade. Investigation of a number of infrastructure configurations as part of Phase 3 has shown that changes to Clarence Street and Clarence Parade are unlikely to be successful without the closure of Boots Corner.

Phase 3 of the Cheltenham Transport Plan has been adjusted to focus on re-configuring Royal Well Road. The changes are to rationalise the existing road space and to assist in facilitating any future trial closure of Boots Corner. 

The alterations to the layout of Royal Well Road being made in Phase 3 will not affect the operation of any bus services.

The Phase 3 works are anticipated to achieve a number of the stated CTP objectives:

  • Encourage people not to use their vehicles for unnecessary journeys, particularly short ones – evidence shows this to be a key change
  • Remove through-traffic from the town centre – by identifying and signposting alternatives
  • Protect the key features for which Cheltenham is renowned - so no new roads and no demolition work is envisaged


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