London Road cycle and pedestrian improvements

Throughout summer and autumn 2020, Gloucestershire County Council installed upgraded pedestrian and cycle facilities along London Road, Cheltenham Road and sections of Estcourt Road in Gloucester, to support social distancing measures, and to build upon the increase in walking and cycling seen across the county.

What is happening

On London Road we will be:

  • upgrading the existing cycle lane out of the city centre towards Cheltenham to a 24-hour mandatory lane
  • installing a new 24-hour mandatory cycle lane into Gloucester
  • installing two additional zebra crossings for pedestrians.

To allow the two continuous cycle lanes on London Road as well as safe lane widths for a key bus corridor in the city, the central islands and a number of small footway buildouts will be removed. Parking spaces on the westbound carriageway will be moved to a different location near by.  

On Cheltenham Road we will be:

  • removing the bus lane
  • putting in two mandatory cycle lanes.

On Estcourt Road we will be:

  • adding cycle facilities to the roundabout.

The cycle lanes will be a minimum of 1.5m wide and coloured to highlight the changes to drivers.


Although we have had to relocate some of the parking on London Road into nearby side streets we have worked hard to ensure that this results in an increase of designated parking spaces in the area so overall there will be more in total than currently exists. All relocated parking is within a couple of minutes walk of the previous parking spaces on London Road, please see the map for more details.

The majority of the new bays are proposed to be ‘limited waiting’ bays to provide spaces for visiting local businesses in the area. 

The existing zebra crossing near to England’s Glory public house along London Road will remain in place and the existing bus stop bays and laybys remain unaffected.

If we have written to you to say you will need a residents parking permit please apply online from 5 August.

Apply for a resident permit


Estcourt Road roundabout update 

This part of the scheme has been paused following feedback from many local people. The revised road layout has had to cope with unusually high levels of traffic diverting from the A40 to avoid works at Longford roundabout. Some residents have also been unhappy about the use of temporary barriers and have been critical of the new road layout. In response to these concerns the county council has decided to suspend the trial and has agreed to consult later on a revised scheme that is more sympathetic to the local area. Read the announcement.

Traffic Regulation Orders

You can read associated documents on the TRO page

Why this work is taking place

As Gloucestershire recovers from the Coronavirus pandemic, these cycling and walking improvements will assist economic recovery around Gloucester, offering greener travel choices that will make it easier for both residents and visitors to access city centre jobs, services, education, shopping and visitor attractions.

The London Road scheme is aimed at encouraging and supporting walking and cycling trips into the city and around surrounding areas, including the University of Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

The county council recognises that reducing the numbers of cars on the road is an important part of work to reduce carbon emissions and tackle the effects of climate change. These improved cycle lanes in Gloucester will help to connect the city centre to the county-wide strategic cycle network. 

Find out more about the wider Cycling and Walking Social Distancing Scheme

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mandatory cycle lane is marked by a solid (unbroken) white line. It is 'mandatory' in the sense that drivers of motor vehicles are not permitted to enter it, rather than being mandatory for cyclists to use it. Drivers are not permitted to cross the unbroken white line. This means you can not drive or park in this type of cycle lane. There is more information in the Highway Code and on the Government website.