New Road Blakeney Landslip

New Road Blakeney was closed in February 2020 when the first signs of slope instability were noted.

The site is located on New Road, Nibley, approximately 1.3 km west of Blakeney.

What monitoring has been taking place?

The geotechnical team has been monitoring the ground movement on a regular basis since the problem was reported. Currently there are several landslip features at this site which are being watched to understand the slope movement.

Here are some pictures of the ground movement, which demonstrate why the work needs to take place:

This picture shows a set of steps with one having slipped down so that there is a large gap. The steps are cordoned off. This picture shows a road barrier that has slipped from the side of the road due to the landslip. It is cordoned off. This picture shows a pathway that has crumbled away due to the landslip. It is cordoned off.

What is the next phase of work?

The next phase of work is the ground investigation, which is due to go out to site in November 2020. Inclinometers will be installed during the geotechnical investigation and may require monitoring for a period of time to enable us to determine the failure mechanism.

Once the failure mechanism has been determined, the scheme can be progressed through design, procurement and construction.

When will work start?

It is currently very difficult to estimate when we will be able to start work, as it will depend on the outcome of the ground investigation work and the subsequent design options. We think that the earliest time will probably be late 2021 but we will keep you updated with any progress on this webpage.

Diversion route

The diversion route for New Road Blakeney Landslip will take you past Nibley, Viney, Yorkley and Moseley Green.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A significant landslip on the embankment below the carriageway occurred in February 2020 following a period of heavy rain. The westbound lane was damaged in the landslip, requiring the closure of the road.

Geotechnical inspections of the site indicate that movement of the failure is ongoing.

A section of the eastbound carriageway remains open for pedestrian and cycle access. If monitoring indicates that ground movements are affecting this section of carriageway it may be necessary to restrict pedestrian and cycle access in the future.

A ground investigation is planned to start on site in November 2020.

The investigation will provide information on the ground underlying the site and will enable the installation of equipment to monitor ground movements. Once the monitoring equipment has determined the cause of the failure, a design to repair the road will be progressed.

If the investigation indicates that the ground movements have stopped, construction will be able to start before the end of 2021. If however the ground is continuing to move construction will be delayed until the causes of the movement can be established.

The ground investigation and monitoring work will reveal what construction work is required to stabilise the landslip so that the road can be safely reopened to the public.

The estimated, total cost of the scheme is £1.5m.

The funding for the scheme is coming from Gloucestershire County Council.

These funds are specifically allocated for improving the highway infrastructure and therefore improving the conditions for motorists.

GCC will be maintaining access for residents and will be working hard to minimise disruption to the travelling public.

GCC have followed national guidelines for the diversion route and road signage and will continue to monitor traffic in the local area and where appropriate provide additional signs. We strongly recommend vehicles use our signed diversion as it is suitable for all road users and will help avoid local congestion.

As part of the construction tender process, GCC will set out requirements for methods of working to minimise the impacts of noise/pollution etc. during the construction period.

Yes. Site survey work will be carried out in order to assess the potential environmental impacts, and how the scheme design can minimise these.

The project to fix the road is at an early stage. Once we have completed our ground investigations and developed a preliminary design for the work needed we will share our proposals – please revisit this web page where we will post further updates as we have them.

In the meantime if you have any queries, you can contact us by e-mailing the Highways inbox .



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