Request for Highways Pre-Application Advice and Planning Performance Agreements

October 2021

The Highway pre-application service is a non-statutory function, Gloucestershire County Council charges for providing pre-application advice and a schedule of rates for this service is listed below.

It is not mandatory to undertake pre-application discussions however it is recommended that applicants do engage, particularly where there is likely to be significant public interest or the proposal is expected to result in an impact on the transport network.

The advice given in response to pre-application enquiries does not bind the council’s decision making or constitute a formal representation by the council as The Highway Authority. Any views or opinions expressed are given in good faith and to the best of our ability without prejudice to the formal consideration of any future planning application.

However, the written advice provided will be taken into consideration by the council in the representation to a future related planning application, subject to the proviso that circumstances and information may change or come to light that may alter that position. In this regard the weight given to pre-application advice will decline over time.

Gloucestershire County Council will endeavour to provide comments within 30 working days of a pre-application submission, and will share those comments with the Local Planning Authority. With this in mind all applicants are advised to also engage with the Local Planning Authority to ensure they are fully aware of the local policy context. For larger schemes (50+ dwellings) the fee includes all communications up to the agreement of any draft Transport Statement or Assessment, this may also include likely planning obligations.

Planning Performance Agreements (PPA) will only be entered into alongside the Local Planning Authority. Where the applicant wishes to entered into a PPA with the Local Planning Authority and Gloucestershire County Council as the Highway Authority the supplemental PPA fee is applicable in addition to the pre- application fee.

A list is contained at the end of this page of typical details that you should submit for various development types. If you are unable to provide all of the below then you are asked to provide as much as possible and recognise that the response provided will be tailored to the submission. Therefore, it may not be possible to provide a definitive position if limited details are provided. The applicant is advised to review their proposal against Manual for Gloucestershire Streets before submitting, this includes details of layout, parking and transport appraisal requirements. The document can be found on the Manual for Gloucestershire streets web page.

For clarity Highway Authority pre-application fees apply irrespective of whether the Local Planning Authority is charging for planning pre-application advice. Charges will apply equally to market and affordable housing proposals. The Highway Authority also reserves the right to wave this charge for charitable organisations.

The Highway Authority will not charge for work in the preparation of a Local Plan including strategic master planning and site specific policies. But, as and when any Local Authority development schemes become commercial proposals for planning consent and onward conveyance, then there would be a presumption for pre-application charging. There are of course a number of areas where there may be an exception to this approach. For example, joint ventures between our respective authorities or where land value capture is helping to deliver strategic transport infrastructure, walkable neighbourhoods or other LTP objectives which we wish to promote or show-case. These would be considered on a case by case basis.

The charges will apply for each submission over a 12 month period and will apply per applicant. Revision to a submission after 12 months and 1 day with no interim dialogue will be subject to the full charge, or the change in applicant for the same quantum of development on the same site will be subject to the full charge.

Discretion will be applied to allow for minor changes in design and quantum during the consideration time period, but fundamental design change which require detailed consideration on their own right will be subject to the full charge.

Schedule of charges

Proposed development type    
Residential Development Non Residential Development  Site Area  Non Residential Gross floor Area proposed   Cost for Highway Advice
Residential Extensions and Accesses     £50
1-9 dwellings <1ha <1000m2 £250
10-49 dwellings 1-1.25ha 1000-2499m2 £500
50-199 dwellings 1.26-2ha 2,500-9,999m2 £1,000
200-499 dwellings 2 – 9.9ha 10,000m2– 49,999 m2 £1,500
500 – 999 dwellings N/A N/A £2,500
1000 + dwellings 10 ha + 50,000 m2+ Bespoke Charge
Planning Performance Agreement     Supplemental Charge of £2,500

The above charges are for pre-application advice only, any additional services such as modelling or data provision will be a separately chargeable activity. Modelling can be accessed outside the pre application process, but no opinions will be expressed on the outputs.

Where a development is of significant scale a dedicated resource may be required, as such the applicant should discuss the requirements so that a tailored charging strategy can be provided.

Planning Performance Agreements are calculated as the fee which reflects the scale of the development at the pre application state plus the supplemental fee. Ie a development of 60 dwellings would be £1000 plus £2500, so £3500 would be needed to access this service.

PPA’s must be entered into prior to a planning application being submitted and does not include work beyond the determination of any proposal.

Charges correct as of 1st April 2021 and are subject to annual review.

All charges are inclusive of VAT at 20%

Submissions and Payment can be made at

Payment must be made electronically via the above link, payment by cheque or cash will not be accepted.

The indicated time period of 30 working days will not commence until both payment and the submission of details has been provided.

All initial enquiries and submissions should be made to via the online form thereafter an officer will be allocated to the enquiry and individual contact details shared.

For any other queries please contact

Personal information given will be used for the purposes of processing your request for pre-application advice, and will not be used for any other purposes. It may involve sharing the submission and outcome with the relevant Planning Authority and Specialist Organisations.

If the Council receives a request, under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) or Environmental Information Regulations (EIR), to show information relating to pre-application questions they are obliged to do so unless the information is exempt under the Act. We can only withhold information under FOI or EIR if the information falls under one of the exemptions (FOI) or exceptions (EIR) set out in legislation. For certain pre-application issues the applicant would be advised to complete the commercially sensitive checklist that should set out the reasons why, and for how long, they feel any information relating to the case needs to remain confidential. However, whilst we will take account of these views, the final decision on whether the information should be withheld rests with the Council.

In addition to the above the following information or as much as is available should be submitted, this is not an exhaustive list:

  • Location Plan
  • Existing Site Layout including access details
  • Propose Site Layout including access details
  • Details of any extant planning permission or fall-back position

Small Scale Residential Development

  • Number of dwellings proposed, Number of existing Bedrooms per Property, Number of Proposed Bedrooms per Property

Large Scale Residential Development

  • Confirmation of Street Design being utilised
  • Layout plan showing Road / Footway / verge Widths, Visibility Splays,
    Refuse Vehicle Tracking Details
  • Schedule of House type, Bedrooms and number of parking spaces. Cycle
    parking Details and Any Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities
  • Available Engineering Details, ie Long Sections, Drainage Provisions
  • Transport Statement/Assessment Scoping Paper

Commercial Development

  • Layout plan showing Road / Footway Widths, Visibility Splays, Delivery Vehicle Tracking Details
  • Available Engineering Details, ie Long Sections, Drainage Provisions
  • Justifications of Car Parking Provision
  • Transport Statement/Assessment Scoping Paper

Care Homes

  • Layout plan showing Road / Footway Widths, Visibility Splays, Refuse Vehicle Tracking Details
  • Justifications of Car Carking Provision
  • Transport Statement/Assessment Scoping Paper

All documents should be provided as a PDF or word document.

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