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Highway Records

Covid19 Message:

If the number of staff in the Highway Records team reduces due to the effects of Covid19, our turnaround times will rise.  Additionally, although we are set up to provide a ‘skeleton service’ from a remote location (providing the network connections allow), we may not be able to reply to your enquiry if it requires reference to historic paper-based resources; in which case, there will be a further delay.  At this time, we will also likely struggle to accommodate urgent requests. We appreciate your understanding at this time.

Please note that certain information is available from www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/highwayrecords and www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/con29.

Access to the Shire Hall Public Map Room:

Please note that access to Main Reception and the Map Room is now restricted. During this time when unnecessary movements are discouraged, we have added some additional resource links to our currently available online information - please see the dropdown for Personal Searchers on our Con29 Pages (link above). We apologise for any inconvenience caused, but would appreciate your understanding at this very difficult time.


The County Highway Maps

Information regarding the publicly maintainable highway network is not available on-line.  However, the Highway Records Maps are available for public inspection; they are kept in a Room accessed from Main Reception at Shire Hall, Westgate Street, Gloucester (GL1 2TG for sat.nav).  The Map Room is open during Main Reception opening hours (8.30am - 5pm, Monday - Friday).

If required, a guidance leaflet on how to use the resources is available in the Map Room (Map Room User Guide).  If, on arrival, you have any queries about the Road Records or 'Con29 Enquiries of a Local Authority' searches, please complete the relevant Enquiry Form and hand it to Reception staff (with any appropriate payment as advised on the Form), who will then forward the enquiry to Highway Records.  Alternatively, if you wish to make an appointment to see either the Road Records (or Public Rights of Way) staff, please ring us beforehand on 01452 328977 or 328980.

The highway maps are the basis for the maintenance of the highway network, which is carried out by the County Council, as the local Highway Authority.  They are kept in a number of large volumes of Ordnance Survey sheets, split into the following geographical areas: Stroud, Forest, Northern, North Cotswold, South Cotswold, Gloucester City and Cheltenham Borough.  They show all the publicly maintainable highways in the County, mostly at a scale of 1:10,000; although some larger scale maps are available for urban areas.

You can tell whether a road is classified (A/class 1, B/class 2, and C/class 3) or unclassified (classes 4 and 5) and its highway number. In addition, class 6 highways are shown - these are defined as being maintainable for "non-wheeled traffic" and include the pedestrian routes within modern housing estates.  Please note that the Cheltenham and Gloucester maps do not show the classifications; however, if required, this information can be requested from Highway Records.

Newly constructed roads and paths will not be included on the maps until they have been 'adopted' by the County Council; a list is also kept in the Map Room which details highways that have been recently adopted, but are not yet shown on the Maps.

For a view of the whole publicly maintainable highway network across the County, the highway maps should be viewed together with the Definitive Maps of Public Rights of Way, which are kept in the same public map area.


Information on highway extents

Unlike the Definitive Maps of Public Rights of Way, the road records are not 'conclusive evidence as to what they contain' because they were not submitted for local consultation when they were compiled in the 1930's.  In addition, the small scale of the maps means that they cannot be used for determining the status of small areas or strips of land.  Enquiries about the exact extent of the highway will therefore involve research and evaluation of our highway records, early Ordnance Survey information and other documents held by the County Archivist; it may also require a site inspection to be carried out.  We are happy to carry out this research on your behalf - details of our charges and how to apply are below.

Please note that Motorways and the Trunk Road network come under the jurisdiction of Highways England; therefore although we can advise our understanding of the extent of highway for these roads, you may wish to confirm the position with Highways England.


Charges for general Highway Records information

Charges applicable between 1 April 2020 - 31 March 2021: 2020/21 List of Charges

Please note that VAT is payable on the majority of our charges.


Can I submit my enquiry online?

If you require information for any/all of the following set of questions, you can now apply online using the "Submit new enquiry & Pay" link below:

- Confirmation of the nearest 'exact extent of highway', up to 100m (to include any carriageway, verge, footway, etc.).
- Confirmation of the nearest 'exact extent of highway', up to 200m (to include any carriageway, verge, footway, etc.).
- Whether up to 3 roads/paths are publicly maintainable highways (answerable by way of a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer).
- Whether any of the roads immediately surrounding the property are covered by an Adoption Agreement (& bond).
- Whether any current Public Rights of Way shown on the Definitive Map cross or abut the outlined site.
- Whether any pending Definitive Map Modification Order & diversion/ extinguishment applications cross or abut the outlined site.
- Details of any approved but not yet implemented ‘Council’ road improvement or widening schemes within 200m of the outlined site.
- Details of any approved but not yet implemented ‘Private Body’ road improvement or widening schemes within 200m of the outlined site.
- Details of any approved but not yet implemented Council traffic regulation orders (excluding speed limit changes) within 200m of the outlined site.
- Details of any applications to permanently remove highway rights from land within 200m of the outlined site.

If your enquiry falls outside of the above, or if you require a quote for 'extent of highway ' lengths over 200m (or over 100m for Utility Company enquiries), you cannot use the online form. Instead, please see below regarding 'Can I submit my enquiry in writing?'.


Can I submit my enquiry in writing?

If your enquiry is not listed above and/or you are not able to apply/pay online, you can either email or write to us at:

Email: highwayrecords@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Post: Highway Records, Gloucestershire County Council, Shire Hall, Gloucester. Glos. GL1 2TH


How to pay online for your enquiry

• I've received a quote & QHR reference and wish to pay online:

If you have been provided with a tailored quote and a unique "QHR" reference for your enquiry, please click the "Pay now (using QHR Ref)" link ensuring you select the "Highway Records" service and that the supplied QHR reference is entered into the "Reference" box on the form:

Pay now (using QHR Ref)    NB: You must select the "Highway Records" service.

Please do not use this link if you do not have a specific QHR reference.


• I wish to submit a new enquiry & pay online: 

Please click the below "Submit new enquiry & pay" link and enter your details and the location of your enquiry. Please select "Other Highway Information" when prompted, and you will then be directed to select which questions you wish to ask.

Details of our individual charges will not be listed on the online form, but can be found in the 'Charges' section above. Please ensure you have read them so you are aware of the likely total charge. You will, however, be able to review the cost of your order before being passed to our payment services partner, Capita, who will securely process your card details.

Please also note you will be required to upload a location plan in order to submit your enquiry online.

Submit new enquiry & Pay


For information: Following online submission and/or payment you will receive 2 confirmation emails (one from us and one from our payment services partner). If you do not receive these (within 2 hours of submission), please email highwayrecords@gloucestershire.gov.uk.


How else can I pay?

For enquiries submitted in writing (by email or post) we offer the below additional payment options:


Please make cheques payable to “Gloucestershire County Council”, and send to Highway Records, Gloucestershire County Council, Shire Hall, Gloucester. GL1 2TH.

Invoice (if you already have a GCC vendor account number for invoicing)

Please state that you wish to pay by invoice when submitting your enquiry. Please also provide your full Company name & postal address, and Purchase Order ref (if required).  Please note that invoices are payable immediately on receipt, and payment should not be sent without referencing our official “1800…” invoice number.

Invoice (if you do not have a GCC Vendor number - companies only)

Please state that you wish to be set up to be able to pay by invoice when submitting your enquiry. We can then supply the appropriate forms and arrange for a credit check (if necessary), in order for you to proceed.  Please note that the enquiry will only be processed once you have been set up, and it can take a couple of weeks to set up a new Vendor.


Turnaround times

On receipt of your written enquiry or online order, we will assess your request and be in touch if we have any immediate queries or require payment of any [additional] fee.  Otherwise, we aim to provide a substantive response within approximately 12-15 working days (although this may increase during busy periods).


Con29 Enquiries of the Local Authority

Please see our Con29 pages for more information about this service, our charges and how to apply online.

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