FAQ – Collision Data

Every year on Gloucestershire’s roads, there are around 1000 personal injury road traffic collisions, resulting in a similar number of casualties.

The Road Safety Team maintains a database of statistics on all personal injury road collisions records within the county. Gloucestershire Constabulary provides this information to us and each report is carefully checked against a computer-generated map of the county. Details like road type, road number and grid reference are especially important to us.

As a result, the team has access to collisions dating back to 1983 - over 100,000 records, which can be used together with our computer mapping system to monitor risk, accident clusters and concentrations on the highway network. This enables us to prioritise our annual programme and target our spending on road improvements.

The data is also sent to the Department for Transport to assist with the compilation of national road casualty statistics.

National collision and casualty statistics are published annually by the Department of Transport (DfT). Please see the Department for Transport: Reported Road Casualty Statistics.

If you require collision data for a specific area, including plots and detailed reports please contact the team by emailing us.

There is a £103 + VAT per collision location plot, which will be confirmed once contacted. 

Collision Data Request

The data within the collision map does contain data from 2018.  However there is a delay in the collection and validation of the data from the police, so any recent collisions may not appear on the mapping until we have received the data and validated it.

For detailed information on the estimated financial costs of collisions and casualties, please see the Department for Transport – Accidents and casualty costs page.

The Government have recently released their DfT – Strategic Framework for Road Safety. The framework sets out the Government's approach to continuing to reduce killed and seriously injured casualties on Britain’s roads.

The focus is on increasing the range of educational options for the drivers who make genuine mistakes and can be helped to improve while improving enforcement against the most dangerous and deliberate offenders. Additionally, at the local level, the Government will be increasing the road safety information that is available to local citizens.


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