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It has never been more important to teach road safety to young people yet as a nation we have come a long way. Explore local solutions and support and have a look at the useful links for school or home. 

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Did you know that the Thinktravel team is here to support you to delivering road safety education in school? We are also responsible for school crossing patrols, bikeability training and work with local communities to find solutions to make the journeys safer, healthier and more positive.

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Key pointers:

Sensitivity: consider if children have been involved in an incident and remember to focus on the positive messages of healthy travel choices. We don't want to frighten children but we do want to make them aware and responsible.

Practical: as well as workshops and assemblies, remember that children need actual roadside experiences and training, both role play and in real life.

Parental engagement: is crucial. A combined approach between school and home will lead to greater road awareness. 

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