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British Science Week


Science and Technology

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Science and technology are part of our day-to-day life, impacting all areas of our home, work, travel, and leisure activities.

This year’s British Science Week has the theme of Growth, from plants through to engineering and STEM. New scientific discoveries are being made all the time, alongside finding new applications for existing knowledge, e.g.  fungi that eat plastic. We may not always want to know the details of how or why things work, but when we become curious there are many ways to find more information or try things out for ourselves.

For the curious: check out what Gloucestershire Libraries has on offer below! 



These are the two most popular science related magazines from our eMagazine collection. Remember that Gloucestershire Libraries eMagazine collection is free to use with a library card number and pin. eMagazines can be downloaded via the Libby app or from the Gloucestershire Overdrive website. 








How technology works 

Have you ever wanted to know how day-to-day gadgets and technology work? This detailed guide provides step by step explanations and graphics to demystify the workings of household, transport, and digital technology. Perfect for anyone who is curious about technology or wants to understand more about STEM subjects being taught in school.



The Science of our changing planet

This book visually presents the data of human impact on the planet. This includes wide ranging research data, covering the drivers and consequences of change in human behaviour and interaction with the world and each other. This is both eye opening and at times very stark, but the outlining of sustainable change methods does provide the element of optimism.




Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures

A vibrant book about the fascinating life and abilities of fungi, including the remarkable places it can survive and the amazing things it can do, whilst still living mainly a hidden life. Fungi has already had an important role in human history in areas from food and drink to medicines. However, there is an exciting future with breakthrough technologies to help repair human impacts on the environment


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Science Workshop

A book of practical projects that links the work of great scientists, artists, and engineers with fun and learning activities for all the family. These projects cover areas such as food, nature, and pure science and technology. All activities are well illustrated and are a practical way to put science into action.




Experiment with Outdoor Science

Science based activities to try outdoors. Practical and fun activities using materials and equipment found at home. The science behind each experiment is explained, providing an understanding of the theory for budding scientists of all ages.




The Lab

Embracing all things digital, our Lab network is the new gateway to learn in person about the latest technology including 3D design and modelling, coding, and virtual reality.

Our first Lab started in Coleford Library in 2019, followed just recently with the opening of our latest Lab in Gloucester Library. If you live near Tewkesbury, Stroud or Chipping Campden libraries, new Labs at your libraries will be arriving soon.

Labs are designed to be open creative spaces where the community can come and test the latest digital equipment and software. Each lab has an experienced technician to teach and inspire new skills as well as running specialist workshops.

Discover more about The Lab on their website.


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