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Dementia Access Week


Dementia Action Week – Monday 16 – Sunday 22 May 2022

Dementia Action Week takes place every year, and it is an important way of raising awareness about a condition which affects approximately 800,000 people in the UK, 400,000 of whom are not currently diagnosed. This year’s theme is diagnosis as, whilst this may be daunting, help and advice is available.

There are many misconceptions about Dementia and the following facts need to be noted:

  • Dementia is not a natural part of the ageing process. Young people may have early onset dementia and those who are in their early fifties are also affected.
  • Dementia is caused by a disease of the brain, with Alzheimer’s being the most common form, closely followed by an increasing number of vascular dementias.
  • It’s not just about memory. There may be additional personality changes as well
  • It is possible to live well with Dementia.
  • There is more to a person than Dementia.
  • Even though it may appear that the person you know has ‘disappeared’ sharing activities like singing, reciting poetry, looking at pictures/photographs may stimulate memories. It is always important to ‘remember the person’.
  • Living in the present is important.


Gloucestershire Libraries has many books which help raise awareness about Memory Loss and Dementia. Our Reading Well for Dementia collections are particularly helpful regarding symptoms. If you are looking for further advice regarding types of dementia and behavioural changes, Matt Piccaver gives an excellent overview:


Dementia: Everything Your Doctor doesn’t have Time to Tell You by Matt Piccaver

Matt Piccaver is a practising GP, and knows full well the time constraints on patients and GPs: ten minutes for a single appointment, and no more than two conditions to discuss in that limited time slot. Dementia is such a complex condition – where do you begin? Throw in nervousness, and your appointment is over before it’s begun. This extremely accessible book covers the myriad aspects of dementia, including the various types. A must read for anyone who wants to know what to expect.


a light blue background, with a white flower fills the cover. No detail just shapes.Reserve 


Five Minutes of Amazing  by Chris Graham

Dementia can affect young people and Chris Graham is someone who has familial dementia, a form which is hereditary. A former soldier, Chris’s father, and brother both had the condition, and died before they were fifty years old. Chris was featured in the BBC 2 documentary, Dementia and Us, which was aired last October. In 2016, Chris embarked on a mammoth 16.000-mile solo bike ride across North America, raising awareness about dementia. His biography encapsulates the need to live for the moment, and his sheer resilience. Inspirational!


book cover shows family photos hung on a wall that has a bike and teddy lent up against itReserve 


Someone I Used to Know by Wendy Mitchell

Wendy Mitchell’s first book, Someone I used to know, is revelatory in the way it demonstrates there is so much more to a person that dementia. Wendy tells us about her life before the diagnosis, and how she has learned to live well with dementia, refusing to give up, but adapt to her changing life.


a childhood memory of two young girls at the beach dipping their toes in the sea.Reserve 


Pictures to Share by Helen Bate

Dementia is a cruel condition, and friends and family members frequently feel that the person they know has disappeared, but activities can help and have surprising results, bringing back glimpses of the person who is ‘lost’. This brilliant series of books helps to stimulate memories and encourage discussion. Useful for 1:1 sessions at home or in care home settings. The beautiful images transport us back to earlier times. Highly recommended!


the countryside in pictures cover - shows several sheep laying around in the grass and grazingReserve 


What I Wish People Knew about Dementia by Wendy Mitchell

In the old tradition of saving the best till last, Wendy Mitchell’s new book is a tour de force – essential reading for anyone who is touched by dementia. Diagnosed with early onset dementia at fifty-eight years old, Wendy was assailed by images of last stage dementia and what it would hold, but she refused be crushed by this information overload, and consciously decided to carve out a new, different life. What I Wish People Knew about Dementia is full of wise and practical information, written in a very engaging style. An inspirational book of hope!


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Let’s Talk Dementia – A Playful Approach to A Serious Issue (Board game)

Many Gloucestershire Libraries have the Let’s Talk Dementia board game – a brilliant activity developed by the Forest of Dean Dementia Action Alliance. It’s a great way of raising awareness within schools and various training settings. Available to borrow just like a book! Fun and educational!


Dementia support for people in Gloucestershire 

The importance of diagnosis (where to go and when) - Making connections (friendship & peer support) - Young Onset Dementia 

One Gloucestershire will be hosting events at the following locations through the week: 



No booking required. Just drop in to ask questions, pick up leaflets for more information and give us feedback on the dementia services you or your friends or family have received. 


A Final Request - Dementia Gloucestershire 2022 Survey

Our numerous health care partners in Gloucestershire would like to hear from anyone who has been affected by dementia (individuals/family members/ groups working with those diagnosed with dementia). Please complete the Dementia Gloucestershire 2022 Survey

The more feedback received, the better as it will help people who have dementia and their loved ones. This survey closes at 9.00am on Wednesday 1st June.

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