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Reading Groups

Reading Groups – Bringing people together through books

Are you a member of a Reading Group, or Book Club? Are you thinking about starting your own? Perhaps your group needs a little bit of reading inspiration, or would rather borrow than buy every month?  Your local library is here to help!

Read on to discover how Gloucestershire Libraries can support your Reading Group – whether you’re just getting started or successfully established.


Why Reading Groups?

Many people enjoy being part of a Reading Group, and Reading Groups today come in many formats!  Traditional Reading Groups – those that meet in members’ houses or a public place such as a library, café or workplace – are still popular, although some have inevitably had to compromise or make alternative arrangements over the past couple of years.   Many groups switched to online meetings at the start of the pandemic, using tools such as Zoom or Facebook Groups as a way to keep the momentum and book discussion going.  Some groups have chosen to continue digitally, whilst others have enjoyed getting their groups back together again offline.  The beauty of the Reading Group, is that you can do what works for you!


Being part of a Reading Group, however you choose to do it, can have many benefits.  For a start, it’s a great way to bring more books in to your life and widen your reading horizons, perhaps by trying genres and authors you wouldn’t normally choose.   There are also many social benefits to joining a group, sharing a love of books with like-minded people, the opportunity to make new friends, to increase social interaction and perhaps the best one of all – to have fun!  Reading is your shared connection, but it doesn’t have to be the only thing you talk about.  Meetings are a great opportunity to catch up with others, unwind or put the world to rights! 


Don’t just take our word for it - a recent survey from The Reading Agency found that:

  • 95% of members read things they wouldn’t typically read since joining their Reading Group
  • 84% of members feel more connected to other people because of being part of a Reading Group
  • 71% said their mental wellbeing has improved
  • 72% read more since joining a Reading Group
  • 71% enjoyed reading more when they discuss a book or text as part of their group

That’s some seriously impressive stuff! To top it off:

“Research also shows that participation in shared reading groups is linked to enhanced relaxation, calmness, concentration, quality of life, confidence and self-esteem, as well as feelings of shared community and common purpose.”

The Reading Agency 2021



Getting started

So you’ve got some willing participants together, what next?  Register at your local library! Gloucestershire Libraries can provide you with a free Reading Group membership, which gives you access to an exciting range of reading material to click and collect.  We loan a diverse range of Reading Group sets, which you get to keep for 8 weeks.  Each set contains 10 copies of your chosen title.  There is no cost to you, and when you’ve finished with them, just return the set to the library.  Head over to our website to discover more about what we can offer your group and browse through our current Reading Group book list – with over 200 titles to choose from. (Link opens in PDF)


Discover Reading Group Sets


Not sure what set to order?  Need a set fast?  See what’s immediately available to order on our catalogue!  Just head over to Reading Group Sets - Gloucestershire Libraries ( and filter by ‘titles with available items.’


Enjoy Audiobooks? Try Borrowbox.

Keep a close eye on our Borrowbox app if audiobooks are more your thing.  Each month, we handpick a selection of special promotional titles, with multiple copies available to download and no waiting lists – simply perfect for Reading Groups.  If you’ve never tried an audiobook before, why not give one a go?  Titles are free to download and you can keep them for 3 weeks.  Listen on your commute, out and about or have them on in the background at home.  It couldn’t be more convenient.  Head over to Borrowbox and check out our #LISTENNOW titles.


Discover Borrowbox 


Fan of Facebook?

Have you read a book recently that was so good, you just want to tell everyone about it?  Or perhaps you’ve just finished the latest bestseller and can’t see what all the fuss was about.  Isn’t it always disappointing when that happens?

If you enjoy using Facebook, why not join our friendly online Facebook Group 'Your Book Club'?  We love a good discussion!  Share your favourite titles with other Gloucestershire readers, discover new authors and feel inspired.   We don’t all read the same title, there’s no pressure to finish your book, and no set meeting dates.  Be part of the community.  We’re looking forward to meeting you!


Discover Your Book Club 


For more information about Reading Groups, visit our website

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