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It’s Veganuary!  Discover a world of recipes with Gloucestershire Libraries.


It’s predicted that more people than ever will be taking part in Veganuary this year.  This popular

challenge, taking place throughout the month of January, seeks to encourage all of us to include more plant-based food in our diets, and perhaps even try going fully vegan.  Taking part already, or interested in giving it a go?  Why not borrow a recipe book or two from your local library?  Here’s some top picks from our catalogue:


The Green Lunchbox – Becky Alexander

the green lunch box book cover filled with colourful vegetables and says recipies that are good for you and the planet


Great for those of us who are looking to eat more greens and save money on pre-packed, shop-bought lunches. 


Want to liven up your lunch break? Look no further. This book contains 60 inspiring recipes that help you to make the most out of your fresh ingredients and store cupboard staples, as well as tips to reduce packaging and food waste.  From burrito boxes to peanut butter bagels, simple soups to simply delicious salads - your colleagues will be green with envy - guaranteed!


The Simple Plant-Based Cookbook – Merchant Gourmet

the simple plant-based cookbook book cover with a photo of vegan meatballs and spaghetti on the front


Love your lentils, with this fab book from Merchant Gourmet.


Long term supporters of Veganuary, Merchant Gourmet, are here to show us that there’s so many ways to get creative when cooking with lentils, grains and chestnuts.  Confused about quinoa?  How about a quinoa apple pie?   Chocolate and chestnut torte anyone?  Packed full of flavoursome, easy to follow recipes and ideas for 30 minute dinners, one pot meals, fantastic feasts and super tasty treats – this book will show you how to take your grains from side dish to main star.


Easy Vegan Bible – Katy Beskow

easy vegan bible book cover with colourful fruit and veg on the front all spread out and cut up


200 simple recipes to cover breakfasts, brunches, lunches and more.


When Katy became a vegan in 2006, she struggled to find recipes that weren’t time consuming, complicated and full of hard-to-source ingredients.  Now it’s easier than ever to find vegan-friendly foods in your local supermarket, but Katy understands that not everybody is looking for a vegan ready meal.   By going back to basics and using simple, wholesome ingredients, this book shows us how easy it is to prepare fresh and delicious vegan food without any of the fuss.  Great for novices and confident cooks alike.


Easy Vegan – Brett Cobley

easy vegan, what vegans eat book cover with a tasty vegan pizza on the cover


This book from popular Instagram chef Brett Cobley focuses on simplicity and sustainability.   


Brett has always enjoyed cooking and sharing homemade food with the rest of his family – it was a big part of his life growing up.  So when he decided that he wanted to start making small changes to live more sustainably, switching to a vegan diet and sharing his new favourite recipes seemed like a good place to start. Easy Vegan is an excellent book for those who are new to plant-based cooking and want to gain more confidence in the kitchen.  From making your own vegan cheese to whipping up a tiramisu (and everything in between), there’s something for everyone here.


The Planet Friendly Kitchen – Karen Edwards

the planet friendly kitchen book cover that reads how to shop and cook with a conscience


This informative book seeks to separate the fact from the fiction when it comes to eco-friendly eating, perfect for flexitarians and people wanting to make more sustainable shopping choices.


There are two parts to this book.  The first is a well-researched, in depth introduction to living and cooking more sustainably, packed full of tips and advice and backed up by scientific research.  The second is a collection of eco-friendly recipes to help get you started on your own journey.  This is a thoughtful book that doesn’t come across as ‘pushy’ or advocate that one should totally exclude certain food groups from their diets (it’s more about making sustainable choices across all food groups, including meat and dairy). Beautifully presented, clear and concise, it has everything you need to make informed choices about the food you put on your plate.


Eating for Pleasure, People and PlanetTom Hunt

eating for pleasure, people and planet book cover


A comprehensive guide to environmentally-conscious cooking. A root to fruit manifesto.


Tom is passionate about sustainable cooking, and believes that is it perfectly possible to eat in a way that “prioritises the environment without sacrificing pleasure, taste and nutrition.”  Championed by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, this book encourages us to eat and shop in ways that support biodiversity and make use of locally sourced, seasonal produce. Full of plant-focused recipes and advice on practices such as foraging for wild food, growing your own and reducing food waste (by making use of everything from the root to the fruit), it’s perfect reading for Veganuary.


The Creative Kitchen – Stephanie Hafferty

The creative kitchen book cover with lots of vegan food on the front including curry, infused water and yummy spreads.


Cooking, craft and kitchen gardens, all in one book. What’s not to love?


Professional organic gardener and chef Stephanie Hafferty has really spoilt us with this book. Not only does it include an extensive range of kitchen garden recipes to try out - perfect if you like to grow your own herbs and veg - it also shows us how to make eco-friendly cosmetics and household products from plant-based ingredients.  It even includes alcoholic drinks!  So, if you like the sound of whipping up a healthy lunch, your own elderberry whiskey liqueur and some beetroot lip balm (and perhaps even a bath bomb and some toothpaste to boot) this is definitely the book for you!


The Complete Book of Vegan Compleating – Ellen Tout

the complete book of vegan compleating book cover that reads an a to z of zero waste eating for the mindful vegan

What exactly is ‘compleating?’ Ellen Tout explains all in this handy book.


To ‘compleat’ simply means to eat all the edible parts of fruits, vegetables and herbs, and rethink what we can do with the inedible bits.  Billed as ‘an A-Z of zero-waste eating for the mindful vegan,’ Ellen has a waste not, want not philosophy when it comes to cooking, and shows us how all those leafy tops, seeds and stalks that we’re often so quick to discard can be eaten, regrown or repurposed.  This book encourages us to have fun, experiment and rethink the way we cook, with practical, nutritious recipes and top tips for compleation.  Did you know for example, that avocado skin makes a great natural pink fabric dye.  Yes, pink, it’s true!



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