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World Environment Day


bright purple background with text that reads "5 June is World Environment Day. There is #OnlyOneEarth. Together we can protect it.



World Environment Day is an International Day held annually since 1974 on the 5 of June. Led by the United Nations Environment Programme, it is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world. This year it is hosted by Sweden.


Here are some quick facts for you: 

  • We are using the equivalent of 1.6 Earths to maintain our current way of life, and ecosystems cannot keep up with our demands.
  • The climate crisis causes extreme weather events that kill or displace thousands and result in economic losses measured in the trillions.
  • Ecosystem degradation affects the well-being of an estimated 3.2 billion people or 40 percent of the world’s population.


For more (not so fun) facts and lots more great information, head over to these two sites:

World Environment Day - Did you know? 

What is World Environment Day? 


There is hope though and that is precisely why we have World Environment Day. Action can and must be taken at a global, national, local, and personal level.  This is where World Environment Day comes in.

World Environment Day calls for collective, transformative action on a global scale to celebrate, protect and restore our planet.

Economies and societies can be transformed to make them more inclusive, fair, and connected with nature.  We must shift from harming the planet to healing it.


The Good News

Good news is that the solutions and the technology exist and are increasingly affordable.

Everyone can do something, lots of small actions DO make a difference.

So, what can we do?

Take some inspiration from us and check out these titles below. If all this makes you anxious, you are not alone and these books may help you navigate eco-anxiety (yes, it really is a thing).


Suggested Reads



The eco-hero handbook: simple solutions to tackle eco-anxiety by Tessa Wardley

In the face of a global environmental crisis, this book addresses eco-anxieties and dilemmas and empowers you to act! 



Turn the tide on climate anxiety: sustainable action for your mental health and the planet by Megan Kennedy-Woodward and Patrick Kennedy-Williams 

The climate emergency may leave you feeling anxious, angry, and grief-stricken.  Learn how to turn these emotions into practical strategies to protect your mental health and the environment.


Smile, it’s not all bad news



Hot mess: what on earth can we do about climate change? by Matthew Winning 

In this lighter-hearted look at the causes and solutions of climate change, learn what you can (and cannot) do to help.  The end of the world doesn’t need to be all doom and gloom!



How to f*#king save the planet: the brighter side of the fight against climate change by Jennifer Crouch

Learn about climate science, the issues our planet and humanity are facing, climate change myths, and solutions in this irreverent guide that will cheer up the gloomiest activist.


Make lifestyle changes



The day the world stops shopping: how ending consumerism gives us a better life and a greener world by J.B. MacKinnon 

Many of us like to shop, we’re encouraged too!  It’s good for the economy, but is it good for the environment?  Could the world be a better place if we cut up our credit cards?  This thought-provoking book may have some answers.



One pot, pan, planet: a greener way to cook for you, your family and the planet by Anna Jones (Available as an e-book)

Learn how to shop smart, cook smart and reduce waste.  Help yourself and the planet.  Containing over 200 delicious, simple recipes, this cookbook will save you time and money and could revolutionise the way you cook.  Learn fresh ideas for using up leftovers and give your tastebuds a treat.  Fancy tahini broccoli on toast? Persian noodle Stew? Golden rosti with ancho chilli chutney?  This could be the book for you.


Get the family involved



Kids fight climate change by Martin Dorey - illustrated by Tim Wesson

Calling all kids!  Become a #2minutesuperhero!  50 fun missions to complete to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet!



This book will (help) cool the climate by Isabel Thomas - illustrated by Alex Paterson

The planet needs your help!  Easy ways to become an eco-warrior!  Find out what you can do to really make a difference.  The future of the planet is up to you!


And finally, a great excuse to get out in the garden or on the balcony (as if you needed one!)



Rewild your garden: create a haven for birds, bees and butterflies by Frances Tophill

Discover the small and wonderful things you can do in your outside space to help wildlife and give something back to the planet.  Then sit back and enjoy!



Grow green: tips and advice for gardening with intention by Jen Chillingsworth

Learn how to garden more sustainably.  Live simply.  Grow green.  This book gives you simple tips and advice on how to adjust your outside space for the benefit of wildlife and you.  Attract wildlife whilst growing your own cut flowers, fruit and veg.  You can have it all! 

So there you have it

You CAN do your bit and have fun whilst doing it! For more great reads/listens on all these topics and more, visit The Library Catalogue


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