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Is your copying legal?

Make sure you understand the law.

You may make a single print or digital copy of anything in Copyright for:

Non commercial

  • Private study or research
  • Illustration for instruction or teaching

And for

  • Quoting from a work
  • Caricature, parody or pastiche
  • News reporting, except for photographs

The amount you copy must be 'fair and justifiable'

  • You must not reproduce the copy, sell it, or share it online
  • You must acknowledge the source where reasonably practical

The following materials available through Public Libraries will be subject to Copyright Law:

  • Literary works (works where the writing can be made of words, numbers or symbols)
  • Artistic works eg Maps/Plans, Drawings, Photos
  • Music
  • Dramatic work
  • Films
  • Sound Recordings

For further detailed information see related website links/downloads.

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