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What do others get out of volunteering


Regarding my volunteer work at Cirencester Library.  I can assure you that the pleasure is all mine! I have worked in libraries off and on for many years and know that as soon as I enter a library I feel 'at home'. It gives me great satisfaction to tidy the children's section and join in and help them as much as possible. It is great fun, particularly when it is 'story time'!

The staff at Cirencester are truly lovely and have made me feel very welcome, so much so, that I am soon to be a Casual Library Assistant, helping out when they need me.  As you can imagine, I am very excited about this, and look forward to doing more work with the library.  It has been an absolute pleasure, and has given me a focus in my life which was lacking, so I should be thanking the library 


I retired early and I guess the grander thoughts would say it is time to give something back, but in truth I do it because I do get something out of volunteering. At Longlevens library I feel part of the library team, which makes me feel valued and you meet lots of new people.

In addition I get pleasure from passing on skills to other people where there is a need.It's also away to meet other people in the local area where we have just moved.

Elaine, Baby Bounce and Rhyme volunteer

I started by bringing the children I look after to the Baby Bounce and Rhyme sessions at Cinderford library.

The songs and rhymes are fun for carers and children and I enjoy watching friendships develop and seeing communication progress.

We have Chinese, Japanese even French families - they find their English has improved because they are repeating the rhymes regularly and we use visual aids. We also have a lady with hearing difficulties so we use sign language too and we all learn it.

Dave, Computer Buddy volunteer

I have been a volunteer at Cheltenham library for over two years and I enjoy this privilege thoroughly.

I work as an engineer and can sometimes do my work without speaking to anyone. As a volunteer I meet many different people and occasionally make lasting friendships.

I have many stories to tell including the nurse from South Africa who cried when I showed her a satellite image of her township, a very brave Cheltenham woman who escaped from Chile and Zimbabwe and is writing a book in tribute to her deceased daughter, and I once shared a lovely meal with an Indian family.

The library staff at Cheltenham are very friendly and help me greatly. I would recommend volunteering to everyone.

Emily, volunteer during the Summer Reading Challenge

Volunteering Bishop's Cleeve library in my summer holiday was an extremely enjoyable and beneficial experience due to the relationships I made with staff, parents and the children.

It was very satisfying to see the joy that the Summer Reading Challenge brought to the children; who I began to get to know, especially when I rewarded their reading with prizes and stickers.

The library staff were always very welcoming and I thoroughly looked forward to my time at the library; so much so, I often went and volunteered when I wasn't on the rota as I enjoyed it so much.

The extra events I helped at were great fun for myself and the children,and overall the time I spent volunteering at the library was invaluable.


I help at the Bishop's Cleeve library club so enjoy the company of other volunteers as well as the people attending the club. I love to help choose their books but it also helps me choose books for myself. This is the most interesting voluntary work I do.

I volunteer in order to meet and chat with other people and to help them. I have a love of books and want to help others to love books too.

Ray, Computer Buddy volunteer

What is a Computer Buddy? "Simply put, I try to help people who come into the library with a need to use a computer but find they lack some basic skills and sometimes the confidence to use the computers successfully."

Why do I give up some of my spare time? I have been fortunate enough to have been caught up in computer usage over 30 years and enjoy helping people find that they can easily get great benefit from using the library as a resource which connects them with the wider outside world.

What are the main attributes needed to help as a Computer Buddy at your local library? A basic understanding of how to use a computer, an understanding of your own limitations, a bit of free time, a liking for people and above all patience.

Try it, you will probably love it; especially the tea and biscuits.

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