What is assistance all about?

Traditionally people supporting people with care and support needs have often been described as ‘carers’, where the role was seen to involve ‘looking after’ someone. That role may still be appropriate for some children. But most adults with care and support needs want to be in charge of their lives and in charge of their assistant. See this helpful film about the role of a personal assistant.



Sometime people of any age with care and support needs would simply like a fellow enthusiast to go along to an event or activity with them - such as buddying up to go the gym, sharing a hobby or maybe going together to a music or sporting event.

Some people just need an extra pair of hands around the house or when out and about with the family. An assistant can be there to make things a little easier when you’re meeting the extra needs of a disabled child.

Some people might need a bit more support to carry out their daily routine and maintain their independence. That could mean anything from helping out with cooking and washing up, to assisting with light personal care tasks, to accompanying them when they go out.

Some people will need a higher level of care to meet their needs. They might be looking for someone on a more full-time basis to carry out more personal care tasks that are essential to their daily routine.

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