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Progress on decision making


Measure of success 


Coordinating climate action across Gloucestershire  Climate Change Action Plan

Leadership Gloucestershire and Climate Leadership Gloucestershire Groups have been established. The agreed climate change action plan is being delivered. Read the most recent Leadership Gloucestershire meeting notes.

£1m Action Fund 

Budget spent and planned (2021-25), Climate Change Action Fund.

The fund has been established and will be used to fund the following:

  • Staffing including the Countywide Climate Change Coordinator
  • Pathways to Net Zero commission
  • Community grants
  • Match funding for tree planting projects and tree planting
  • School Streets funding
  • Libraries events funding
  • Air quality improvements match funding
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure
  • Gloucestershire Youth Climate Group
  • Renewable electricity supply
Extend our £1m energy efficiency invest to save fund to all
Gloucestershire public sector organisations

Total amount available, Total Spent, CO2e savings (by organisation)

The fund is available, and has been made available to districts and partners. This has been used as follows:

Organisation Total amount available Total Spent CO2e savings
Gloucestershire County Council TBC TBC TBC
Gloucestershire Youth Climate Group 

Last quarter plans

Upcoming quarterly plans

Current group details (meetings, group numbers)


Find out more about the Youth Climate Group


Key achievements from last quarter:


  • November 21 - February 22: GYCG have been reviving the panel post-pandemic
  • February – present: Recruitment and induction of new members
  • March –The new full GYCG will spend the first month getting to know each other, working on basic logistics, meeting dates and ideas going forward.


  • Upcoming quarterly plans:
  • 18 members in total are now recruited, covering 4 districts across Gloucestershire.
  • May/ June/ July – spring/ summer GYCP event, meeting regularly, panel members lead and guide their work, regular newsletters, projects starting to happen.


Current group details:


  • Currently 18 active members of the group.
  • 3 meetings have taken place so far, and 2 meetings have taken place with the full group.


Recruit staff  Roles, FTE and current vacancies (Sustainability Team)

Sustainability team:

  • Outcome Manager - 1 FTE
  • Commissioning Officer - 1 FTE
  • Climate Change and Air Quality Officer - 1 FTE
  • Sustainability and Waste Engagement Officers - 1.5 FTE
  • Tree Project Officer - 1 FTE


  • Biodiversity Officer - 1 FTE
Stress test public sector assets and services against climate change Stress test / emergency plan summary

Gloucestershire County Council's Civil Protection Team has resources for individual and community response to emergencies. 

The Gloucestershire Local Resilience forum provides resilience advice for families, businesses and communities.

Climate emergency response group  Implementation of the group  Not currently in place
Establish baseline carbon emissions for Gloucestershire Baseline emissions for the county and the county council 
  • See the council's most recent annual report, Annex 2 contains the Council's baseline emissions
  • County- wide emissions - currently seeking procurement
Climate change impact assessments 

Climate Change impact assessment

Carbon Literacy training 

Climate change impact assessments are now mandatory in Cabinet reports. 


A first wave of Carbon Literacy training has been rolled out (Feb-April 2022), for wider rollout across the Council once we have assessed the feedback. The training provides information on climate change science, how to be a climate leader in your role, and how to incorporate climate change into your decision making.

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