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What can you do?

Ever wondered how you can help fight climate change? Find out more about what you can do below.

Renewable energy

Is renewable energy right for my home? With a renewable energy system, you could heat your home or generate your own electricity, while reducing your energy bills and your reliance on fossil fuels.

Visit the energy savings trust 'generating renewable energy' page for further information.

Switch it off

The average household spends more than £30 every year powering appliances left on standby - and that doesn’t include the money spent heating water and rooms when we don’t need to!

The same goes for when you leave the office too - don’t forget to switch of monitors, computers and lights before you leave.

If you’re forgetful, consider investing in sockets, timers or sensors to make turning things off (and on) even easier. You can also track your energy usage easily by fitting a free smart meter - contact your current supplier to find out more.

LED the way and aim for A+++

If you’re a homeowner, or your landlord allows it, switch your lights to low energy bulbs. LED lights are a bright idea, they use 85% less energy than traditional bulbs and last much longer.

In the market for a new appliance? Look out for its energy rating. An A+++ rating will mean lower running costs, saving you money in the long term - even if it might cost a little bit more to buy.

Make sure that you dispose of your appliances in the best way too - give your appliances a new lease of life by selling, donating, or recycling it.

Quick tips to save energy

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