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How to stay safe during a flood

Below you will find information about how to stay safe when an area has flooded.

Staying safe on the road

Do not drive down closed roads.

  • Avoid travel but if you must, drive slowly and cautiously. You may know your local roads well, but a flood can alter the landscape dramatically and turn a quiet road into a potential hazard.
  • Do not drive through water if you are unable to tell how deep it is. Around two feet of water is all it takes to float many cars.
  • Aqua-planing (your car losing grip due to surface water) is much more likely in flood conditions.
  • Drive considerately: remember any waves you create driving through flood water could flood nearby homes.
  • 80% of flood-related deaths occur inside a vehicle. If your car stalls in the water, do not attempt to recover it - leave it and move yourself to safe ground.
  • Let someone know your travel plans.

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Page updated: 04/12/2020 Page updated by: Flooding Team

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