Frequently asked questions on flooding

GCC has responsibilities and powers to manage flooding from surface water, groundwater and from ordinary watercourses.

You can purchase sandbags and sand from most hardware stores. District councils have different policies on providing sandbags so contact your local District or Borough councils. We recommend that if you are at risk of flooding that, instead of using sandbags, you carry out more permanent and effective measures to protect your property. You can find advice on this on the National Flood Forum website.

If you do need to use sandbags, a video showing how to lay them properly is available on Gloucestershire Local Resilience Forum’s website. Watch the video on YouTube here

Ring GCC on 01452 427493 to speak to an officer or email Alternatively you can visit the Environment Agency website.

The Environment Agency provides flood warnings to specific areas. To check you are eligible and to sign up visit their website.

Flood re is a government initiative introduced to provide households at risk of flooding with more affordable home insurance. You can find out how on the website .

It is a landowners’ responsibility to ensure watercourses don’t block so contact them if you know who they are. If you don’t know who they are or the blockage still hasn’t been fixed then contact GCC on 01452 427493 or email

If your life is in danger and you need rescuing then contact the emergency services on 999. If you want to report your property has flooded then you can contact your district/borough council or Gloucestershire County Council on 01452 427493 or

There are many products available that will prevent flood water entering your property or reduce the effect of the damage if it does enter the property. These products and other advice can be found on the National Flood Forum “Blue Pages” website.

Advice on flood protection measures to prevent your home from flooding in the future can be found on the National Flood Forum “Blue Pages” website.

Gloucestershire County Council keeps a record of flooding in Gloucestershire. Contact GCC on or 01452 427493 and we will be able to tell you if we have a record. If the flood wasn’t reported then we wouldn’t have a record of it.

GCC investigate the highest risk communities and, where suitable, will install a flood alleviation scheme to protect those properties. We also recommend that you visit the National Flood Forum “Blue Pages” website for flood protection products that can be installed on your property.

A riparian owner is someone who has a watercourse on or adjacent to the land they own. Their rights and responsibilities can be found in our Waterside Living Leaflet on our website.

The Local Planning Authorities decide where development occurs and they are governed by the National Planning Policy Framework. This states that development in a flood zone should only be agreed when it is absolutely necessary and that if it does occur, appropriate measures are taken to protect the site and elsewhere for the lifetime of the development.

You can prepare a personal flood plan which can help to reduce the impact of flooding on your home should the worse happen. It could save you valuable time and help reduce damage to your belongings. The Environment Agency has a useful plan template.

You can also prepare an emergency kit or ‘grab bag’, which could help during flooding and other emergencies, particularly if you had to evacuate. A list of items to consider including is provided on the County Council website

If you are interested in supporting your local community with flooding, speak to your local Parish or District Council to find out if your local community has a Community Flood Plan /Community Resilience Plan or Flood Warden Scheme in place. Community Resilience is about communities and individuals using local resources and expertise to help themselves in an emergency in a way that complements the response of the emergency services and authorities. There is a Community Resilience Plan template and guidance note on the County Council website.

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