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Gloucestershire Climate Change Consultation

This consultation closed on 23rd September

Thank you to everyone who responded.

In May 2019 the county council declared a 'climate emergency' and held a public consultation on climate change over the summer. Gloucestershire residents were be able to respond to the consultation in a number of ways:

In addition to these responses, 1000 residents and 200 businesses have been asked to complete a phone survey, providing the council with a representative sample of the county’s views on climate change related issues.

All responses received during the consultation will be used to inform the creation of a revised Climate Change Strategy, supporting the county to become carbon neutral by 2050, which is key aim of the council in response to the ‘climate emergency’.

It is important that as many people as possible get involved in this hugely important issue that could affect us all in the future if we do not make changes. Everyone will play a part in helping us to achieve our targets on carbon reduction, and assist in responding to the climate emergency, contributing to a carbon neutral county.