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Gloucestershire Waste Core Strategy

The Waste Core Strategy explains how the County Council and its partners will address the issue of planning for waste management in Gloucestershire in the period 2012 to 2027. It provides a policy framework to guide decisions on planning applications for waste management developments, which include facilities to deal with key waste ‘streams’ such as municipal, commercial & industrial, construction & demolition and hazardous wastes. It also considers how radioactive, clinical, and agricultural  wastes and waste water should be dealt with locally.

The Waste Core Strategy was adopted in November 2012 and forms part of the local development plan for Gloucestershire. Key constraints, designations, assets and site allocations relating to the Waste Core Strategy are set out on the County Council’s Minerals & Waste Policies (Proposals) Map.

In addition to the Waste Core Strategy, there remains a number of ‘saved’ policies from the Saved Waste Local Plan Policies (2002-2012) that still need to be considered when determining planning applications for waste management developments. Information relating to this plan can be found on the Adopted minerals and waste local plan page.

The ambition of the County Council is to complete the process of updating its entire suite of waste-related planning policies over the coming years. Details concerning this are set out in Council’s three-year project timetable, the Minerals and Waste Development Scheme (MWDS)

Publications relating to the preparation of the Waste Core Strategy can be found on the Evidence Base for the Waste Core Strategy page.


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