Sustainability Appraisal (SA) Framework

The SA Framework is a Gloucestershire specific evidence base against which developing plan options are tested through SA Reports. The Framework includes: 

  • The identification of other relevant policies, plans programmes and sustainability objectives.
  •  Baseline information.
  •  Sustainability issues and problems.
  •  SA Objectives and indicators.

The SA Framework for the Gloucestershire Minerals and Waste Development Framework is made up of Context and Scoping Reports. The first Context and Scoping Reports were produced in August 2005 and were consulted on for 5 weeks (from 25th August to 29th September 2005).

The following table gives an indication of how and when these original reports have been updated.

SA Framework Reports


Original SA Framework Context & Scoping Report

August 2005

Update 1 SA Framework Context & Scoping Report

November 2005

Update 2 SA Framework Context & Scoping Report

April 2006

SA Framework Combined Context & Scoping Report for Strategic Waste Sites  

June 2008

Update 3 SA Framework Context & Scoping Report

January 2009

Scoping Report Update

July 2013

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