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Highways Licences, Permits and Permissions

Licence, Permits and Permission applications are available below for Highways related work.

It is important that you read the relevant Terms and Guidelines for the type of licence you require before completing the application form.

In some circumstances it may be necessary for us to turn down applications because the proposed site is considered to be potentially hazardous. Your application will not be processed until we have received all of the relevant information.

The cost of the licences / permissions can be found in the Highways Licences and Permits Charges document (This document excludes costs for any Street works licence application and the information regarding the application process and cost can be found here).

Applications for permission are to be submitted at least eight working days before it is required (excludes Street works applications). Failure to obtain the necessary permissions may result in enforcement action being taken against you. The time period must be strictly adhered to. If it is likely to be exceeded, a further application must be made at least ten clear working days before this permission expires.

Information supplied when you submit your application may be included in any Public Notices issued about the works. If for any reason we need to check any information submitted we may need to contact you for clarification. 

Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) process and approve 'Tourism' traffic sign applications in Gloucestershire. To apply, please follow the link below.

Brown and White Tourism Signs

This licence is for Cranes.

Please read the Crane Terms & Guidelines and complete the Application Form found below

Crane licence application form

Disabled badge holders who have no alternative parking available may apply for an advisory disabled marked bay. Disabled marked bays are not authorised for carers or other visitors. They are granted to people who have mobility difficulties.

Please read the Disabled Marked Bay Terms & Guidelines and complete the Application Form found below

Disabled Marked Bay application form

Keep Clear markings (H-markings) are generally provided at sites where the access is not obvious (concealed entrance) or there is a proven problem of continuous obstruction.

Having a private entrance H marking on the road outside your house will not guarantee that the driveway is kept clear, but where these markings have been used, they have been generally successful in deterring drivers from parking across driveways.

Private entrance markings are advisory and have no legal status

Please read the H Marking Terms & Guidelines and complete the Application Form found below

H Marking application form

This licence includes Building Materials, Cherry Pickers, Mobile Platforms, Porta Cabins/Huts and Scissor Lifts.  Licences for Skips, Scaffolding& Hoarding each have separate application forms

Please read the Highways Occupation Licence Terms & Guidelines and complete the Application Form found below

Highways Occupation Licence application form

This licence includes Bridges, Canopies, Banners, Wires and Signs..

Please read the Highways Projection Licence (Oversailing) Terms & Guidelines and complete the Application Form found below

Highways Projection Licence (Oversailing) application form

This licence covers Scaffolding and Hoarding only.

There are separate application forms for:

  • Crane Licences
  • Highways Occupation (Building Materials, Cherry Pickers, Mobile Platforms, Porta Cabins/Huts and Scissor Lifts)
  • Highways projection (Bridges, Banners, Wires and Signs)

Please read the Scaffolding and Hoarding Terms & Guidelines and complete the Application Form found below

Scaffolding and Hoarding application form

Where practicable, skips should be placed within property boundaries. If the skip is to be placed within your property, then no permit is required and you may approach any skip company of your choice.

If you are intending to place a skip on the highway (road, footway or verge) the skip company you use will need to obtain a permit from us.


The following application forms are to be completed by skip companies.  Please read the Terms and Guidelines and complete the relevant application form below

Skip Permit - Application Form

Skip Permit - Renewal Application Form


For a  street works licence application for placing new or repairing existing apparatus in the highway please follow the link below.

Street Works Licence Application 

A Vehicle Dropped Kerb (VDK), often referred to as a dropped kerb / crossover, provides the legal means to allow you to access your property safely using a car or other domestic vehicle. The Kerbs are dropped from their normal height and the pavement or verge is strengthened to take the weight of the vehicle crossing it to avoid damage to the pavement, pipes or cables buried beneath it.

Those seeking a vehicle crossover must obtain prior agreement from us. It is advised to contact your District Council Planning Department before you contact us, to find out if you need planning permission to create the vehicle access.

It is an offence to carry out any works on the footway without our express permission. Unauthorised vehicle crossovers will cause the footway to deteriorate and put those using the footway at risk. We take seriously our duty to maintain our highways and protect it from damage,

Please read the VDK terms and guidelines to understand the process and requirements and the fees are listed in the Highways Licences and Permits Charges document.

The application process

The vehicle crossover application is broken down into a two part application process .

Part 1: 

Site suitability survey. Please complete and return both the application form and the appendix one form.

Part 1 - Application form

Part 1 - Appendix one    

Failure to submit the Application form and Appendix One will result in your application being returned to you.

Part 2:

Works and Certification. This part of the process can only be completed once part 1 has been submitted and accepted.

Part 2 - Application form 

For other licences and permits including:

please go to the Licences and Permits page.


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