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April 2019 permit price update

Full details in our Permit Parking Pricelist

Parking permits

Parking permits are issued by Gloucestershire County Council. If you are a resident in a permit zone, and you have a current council tax number then you are eligible for two parking permits and 50 visitor vouchers per year (see below).

Apply for a resident permit

The parking permit application will ask you to supply your council tax account number; you can find this on your council tax bill. Please note that to protect the information on your council tax account this number cannot be given to you over the telephone.

If you do not have a copy of your bill you can;

  • Telephone or email your local council tax office on to request another copy to be posted to your property.
  • Visit the council tax office to collect copy of your bill. Please note you will need to ensure that you take photo identification with you which confirms your address, a copy of your bill cannot be given to you without identification.
  • If you have just moved in and need to register for council tax or notify a change of address, please contact your local council tax office.

Before making an application please read the terms and conditions as refunds cannot be given.

Apply online through MiPermit
(Tel: 0333 123 5900)


The Council will remind the permit holder by email only when annual permits are due to expire; however it remains the permit holder's responsibility to renew in a timely manner. Permit holders can check the status of the permit by logging into their on-line account or contacting MiPermit (Tel: 0333 123 5900) for further details.

Visitor Vouchers

Visitor Vouchers are virtual vouchers and can be used immediately. Visitor Vouchers apply for one calendar day, two days over Saturday, and Sundays, and are issued to a specific visiting vehicle.

Parking permits are issued via MiPermit (Tel: 0333 123 5900). If you are a resident in a permit zone, and pay your own council tax, you are eligible to purchase 50 visitors vouchers per year.

The prices for Resident Parking Permits may be found in our Permit Parking Pricelist.  

Cabinet Decision December 2018

Permit parking prices are due to increase as of April 1st 2019, please see below for information;

  • Why have you increased the cost of Resident Parking Permits?

The price of Resident Parking Permits has not changed for several years. The cost of the permit covers the costs incurred in running a permit zone, including the additional patrol time needed.

  • Why have you increased the cost of Business Permits?

The costs of all permits cover the costs incurred in running a permit zone, including the additional patrol time needed.  A price increase is now needed to meet costs, which have risen over the last few years

  •  If my permit expires before 1st April 2019, will I pay the higher charge if I purchase it before this date for one year?

Charges take effect from 1st April 2019 and the new tariff rates are reflected from this date onwards.  If you have bought your permit before 1st April 2019, you will not have to pay any extra amount until you renew your permit.  If your permit expires in March 2019 and you pay monthly, the cost in March 2019 will be charged at the current rate and the charge in April 2019 will be charged at the higher rate for this month and subsequent months.

  •  How will the council use the extra income?

Income received from Resident Permits goes towards the cost of managing and enforcing these areas.

The prices for Parking Permits may be found in our Permit Parking Pricelist.

Cabinet Decision December 2018

The  Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (R-ETRO) provides approximately 100 free long stay parking spaces on parts of Eldorado Road, Queens Road and Christ Church Road. 

The free parking bays maybe used by non-residents via our Mipermit cashless parking system.  This operates on a cashless stay basis where the parking tariff is £0.00.  You may register your stay before parking by following the Mipermit link: www.wanttopark.com/gloucestershire

Alternatively, call the telephone number, 0345 5051155, which is stated on the signs on Eldorado Road, Queens Road and Christ Church Road and use the appropriate location.

A map and parking stay location details of the free parking bays maybe found here: R-ETRO Plan

Further details of the R-ETRO and the consultation process maybe found (in the section for Cheltenham) by following this link: Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) and Traffic Schemes

A permanent order is now in place, which replaces the any previous temporary arrangements for racecourse parking. Each residential property within the Cheltenham Racecourse Permit Parking Zone R is eligible for a maximum of two resident permits to park on-street. Residents who previously registered for The Festival 2017 do not need to reapply for future The November and The Festival race meetings . Please amend your account if you have changed your vehicle. To make a new permit application or amend an existing one, apply here: MiPermit (Tel: 0333 123 5900).

For additional information regarding local road closures and racecourse related parking please visit the Cheltenham Racecourse website.

Waiver permits

If you are conducting work in a permit area, you can apply to MiPermit (Tel: 0333 123 5900) for a temporary waiver to the parking restrictions to allow you to park in the area where restrictions apply while you carry out your work.

You will have the choice to purchase 2 different types of permits. Firstly select the location that you need your waiver to apply. At each location you will have a choice of up to two different permit types which are detailed below.

Green Waiver Permits

These permits are for parking in unrestricted areas of the street (ie not on single or double yellow lines).

Green Waivers are valid for the location and period purchased for the following parking restrictions:-

  • On-Street Pay & Display Bays
  • Limited Waiting Bays
  • Resident Parking Bays

Using a Green Waiver on any other parking restriction or location may result in a Penalty Charge Notice being issued.

Red Waiver Permits

These permits are for parking in restricted areas of the street.
Red Waivers are valid for the location and period purchased for the following parking restrictions:-

  • Single or Double Yellow Lines
  • Loading Bays
  • Areas with Loading Restrictions
  • Pedestrian Areas

Once purchased Gloucestershire County Council Parking Team will review your request and make a decision based on availability. You will be informed via email of the council's decision. You must leave up to 10 working days to allow a decision to be reached.

The prices for Red and Green Waivers may be found in our Permit Parking Pricelist.

Apply for a temporary Parking Bay suspension

To apply for a parking places suspension telephone APCOA on 01452 521 284.

Professional organisations and non-professional carers (e.g. family members) are eligible for carer permits, free of charge. Proof that an individual requires care in their home will need to be supplied before a permit is issued.

To apply for a carer permit please complete and return: Carers permit application form (DOCX, 42.9 KB) (to applications@mipermit.com)

Business permits

If you run a business within a permit area, you are eligible for two business parking permits per business. These are digital permits for on-street permit bays which are valid for one year.  To activate a permit parking stay, please go to: MiPermit

Before making an application for a business parking permit please read the Business Permit Terms & Conditions as refunds cannot be given.  Please note Clause 8 in the business permit terms and conditions has been suspended pending a review.

  • To apply for a permit online, please go to: MiPermit
  • To apply for and purchase a permit by telephone, please call 0333 123 5900

Business permit prices (for on-street parking in permit bays)

The prices for Business Permits may be found in our Permit Parking Pricelist.

Hotel Vouchers

The Hotel Voucher scheme is designed to allow Hotels to book on-street parking for their guests on-line. There is a charge per day per vehicle and the vouchers are limited to one vehicle per hotel room. This scheme is available to Hotels & Guest Houses which are defined as being 'any premises offering overnight accommodation to visitors on a commercial basis from a business rated premises, or a holiday home let to persons on holiday'.

The prices for Hotel Vouchers may be found in our Permit Parking Pricelist.

For further information or to register, please visit MiPermit (Tel: 0333 123 5900)

See also Hotel Vouchers Terms & Conditions

Email: parking@gloucestershire.gov.uk


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