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County resurfacing works

As part of our promise to invest £150 million in the county’s roads, we are committed to work on the roads in all seasons.

Investment and improvement of Gloucestershire’s highways network is one of our main priorities and we will always endeavour to deliver the maximum number of schemes we can each year, this means working over the winter.

Please check our online schedule below to find out when crews will be working on roads near you. Look out for details on local signs too.


How road closures may affect you?

We understand that road closures might cause some disruptions to you and may interrupt your regular journeys, however it is necessary in order for us to repair the road safely.


Check this website page, social media and local signs for the latest update.


Many aspects need to be taken into consideration when planning works, however our resurfacing programme is dependent on several factors. It can be affected by things like; heavy rain, changes in temperatures and other weather events, as well as plant breakdown and unforeseen technical issues that arise once work has begun.


As the work involves hot asphalt and large equipment, we will be unable to allow traffic through the Road Closure. If you normally drive into or out of the Road Closure during the hours when the closure is in place, we ask you to please make alternative arrangements.

In exceptional circumstances, some level of access may be considered on a case by case basis but only where it does not impact our ability to undertake the necessary works and where it is safe to do so.

Please see the FAQ Leaflet for further details.


If you usually park on the road within the road closure, you will need to find alternative parking nearby during the hours of the road closure. There is a possibility that your vehicle may be towed out of the area if it is obstructing the works. 

Off-Road parking will not be affected however vehicle access will only be granted in exceptional circumstances where is does not impact our ability to undertake the works and where it is safe to do so.


We always consider night working as an option but it is often not feasible due to environmental restrictions related to noise, particularly in residential areas.


We appreciate that any road closure could have an impact on business operations, however to deliver the works as quickly and efficiently as possible, we kindly ask you to work with us. Where appropriate, we will display a ’Businesses open as usual’ sign. To help us to complete the works with the least disruption to you, we ask you to:

  • Reschedule your deliveries to outside of our working hours
  • Where possible, please consider if staff can park elsewhere during our operational hours or share a lift to work to limit the number of vehicles needing access. Access to vehicles will only be considered on a case by case basis but only where it does not impact our ability to undertake the necessary works and where it is safe to do so.
  • Let your customers know that you will be open, and that they can still access you on foot


We will always send out letters a few weeks before we start work to share as much information as possible with people near by. If we know lots of people could be affected we will send information to local media outlets to help publicise what we are doing. We have a news section on our website and a regular newsletter which you can subscribe to here.


Please check your letter for more information, check the FAQ Leaflet provided with your letter or using the link on this page.

Alternatively call our helpline on 08000 514514 if you cannot find what you’re looking for.


Resurfacing Programme - April 2019

Resurfacing works are delivered Monday to Friday, scheme dates below do not include weekends unless otherwise stated.  (Updated on 23rd April 2019)



Operational hours

Planned Start Date

Planned End Date

B4215 Dymock to Preston Cross

07:00 to 19:00



4/7590 Mosley Road, Cashes Green, Stroud

07:00 to 19:00



B4632 Cleeve Hill/Cheltenham Road

19:00 to 07:00



A4019 Tewkesbury Road outside Kingsditch Trading Estate

19:00 to 07:00



A419 Cirencester Road, South Cerney

19:00 to 07:00




Detail of resurfacing works in your area


B4215 Dymock to Preston Cross

Resident Letter     Diversion Route




 A419 Cirencetser Road, South Cerney

Resident Letter     Diversion Route


A4019 Tewkesbury Road outside Kingsditch Trading Estate

Business Letter  Resident Letter   

Diversion Route






4/7590 Mosley Road, Cashes Green, Stroud

Resident Letter     Diversion Route




B4632 Cleeve Hill/Cheltenham Road

Resident Letter     Diversion Route



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