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On the fifth day of Christmas my council sent to me...

On the fifth day of Christmas my council sent to me...

A choose zero plea
Safe and well stories
Fire safety tips
News of a flu jab and
Some car advice completely free

Don’t drink and drive.

If you’re out celebrating this festive season make sure you’ve thought about how you’ll get home. Choosing zero when it comes to alcohol if you’re driving means you’ll be sure you’re alert to potentially fatal hazards.

Tips for avoiding temptation during the festive season

  • if you’re using public transport, check the times of the last trains and buses and location of nearest station or bus stop
  • nominate a designated driver before you head out for the evening
  • stick to alcohol-free drinks
  • make a note of local taxi numbers, or book ahead

On local roads, the number of alcohol-related casualties leapt from 49 in 2015 to 92 in 2016; drug driving casualties increased from 13 in 2015 to 25 in 2016, and casualties caused by drivers who had both drink and drugs in their system increased from 57 in 2015 to 106 in 2016.

Time is the only thing that removes alcohol from your system: sleep, coffee and cold showers have no effect on alcohol blood levels. The average adult can process one unit in around an hour, but this varies from person to person.

One unit is roughly equivalent to a 25ml single measure of whisky, a third of a pint of beer or half a 175ml glass of red wine

The maths

You can work out how many units there are in any drink by multiplying the total volume of a drink (in ml) by its ABV (measured as a percentage) and dividing the result by 1,000. For example, to work out the number of units in a pint (568ml) of strong lager (ABV 5.2%):

5.2 (%) x 568 (ml) ÷ 1,000 = 2.95 units.  That’s at least three hours to leave your system.

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