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Data analysis tools

Ofsted's report 'The pupil premium:  How schools are spending the funding successfully to maximise achievement' (February 2013) found that where schools spent the pupil premium funding successfully to improve achievement, they shared a number of characteristics.  One of those characteristics was that "they thoroughly analysed which pupils were underachieving, particularly in English and mathematics, and why." 

The following resources are provided to support schools in their analysis of the performance of disadvantaged pupils compared to others.


The following provides some headline data comparing Gloucestershire's gaps with national for key performance indicators, for primary and secondary, over a 3 year period. 

Analyse school performance (ASP) provides some really useful data to support the analysis of the performance of disadvantaged pupils compared to other pupils nationally:

  • School performance summary report
  • Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR)

What does the picture look like for your school?  The following templates can be used to compare your school's gaps with national:

Accompanying Ofsted's 2013 Pupil Premium report was an analysis and challenge toolkit (full document can be downloaded opposite). The toolkit contains a series of tools, based on versions of the tables used by inspectors in the 2013 pupil premium survey visits, for schools to analyse their gaps.  We've updated two of the key tools below:


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