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Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

If you have appointed a NQT who will start induction at your school in the Autumn Term and you would like Gloucestershire LA to be your appropriate body, please follow the procedure below:

Please return by 18th September 2019.

  • Purchase the NQT Appropriate Body membership. This is a cost per school, irrespective of the number of NQTs.  For full details of our services including prices and how to buy your subscription online, please go to the GCC Plus website:  www.businesssupportservices.org

The Induction Year

Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in teaching.

It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the relevant standards.

The programme should support the NQT in demonstrating that their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory by the end of the period and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

  1. The timeline below shows key tasks over the year and can be a useful checklist.
  2. The tracker is intended to be a year long accumulated record of the NQT's performance against each of the standards. It can also be a record of annotations made at each of the six professional progress review meetings over the year.

2019 to 2020 Induction Timeline

Overview Chart of NQT induction

Teachers Standards Tracker

Teachers Standards Tracker Completed Sample

Teachers Standards Tracker Excel

Help Line

If you, as an NQT  have any questions, please contact us:

Email: NQTs@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Telephone: 01452 427804


Schools should pre-plan some of the key information to be shared with their NQTs over  a termly induction programme e.g. assessment or preparing for Parents Evenings. The Induction programme will also guide NQTs into the use of their dedicated NQT time.

See the example induction programme below.

Induction programme (blank)

Example Induction Programme


Primary NQT CPD Programme 2019 -20

Flyer 2019/20

To purchase the CPD programme please go to Business Support Service

All events are 1.30pm-4.00pm, with tea/coffee available from 1.15pm.

Please complete and return your booking form for each NQT to: NQTs@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Primary NQT CPD Programme 2019-2020

Core Events

Meeting 1 - 9th October at Highnam C of E Primary or 10th October at Meadowside Primary

Primary NQT CPD Network Meeting 1 Presentation

Behaviour Management at Highnam

Behaviour Management at Meadowside

PBMT stepped approach to intervention

Meeting 2 - 4th December at Highnam C of E Primary or 5th December at Meadowside Primary

Meeting 3 - 29th January  at Highnam C of E Primary or 30th January at Meadowside Primary

Meeting 4 - 4th March at Highnam C of E Primary or 5th March at Meadowside Primary

Meeting 5 - 29th April at Highnam C of E Primary or 30th April at Meadowside Primary

Meeting 6 -  1st July at Highnam C of E Primary or 2nd July at Meadowside Primary

Subject Expertise Events

Science Events:  KS1- 12th November 2019 or  KS2 - 14th November 2019; at The Pavilion

Maths Events:  KS1- 14th January 2020; KS2 or 16th January 2020; at The Pavilion

Early Years Events:  EYFS Specialist (Reception) - 25th February 2020 or

                                 EYFS Non Specialist (Year 1-6) - 27th February 2020; at The Pavilion

 English Events:   KS1- 24th March 2020 or  KS2  26th March 2020; at The Pavilion.

Secondary NQT CPD Programme

Facilitated by Adfecto. For further details, see Adfecto  

Induction Tutor training / updates

These took place in the Autumn term.

NQT Induction Tutor PowerPoint Presentation

If you become an induction tutor mid-year, and miss the training update, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to visit and support you. Email: NQTs@gloucestershire.gov.uk


Help Line

If you, as an induction tutor have any questions, please contact us:

Email: NQTs@gloucestershire.gov.uk

Telephone: 01452 427804

We try to visit schools and monitor  NQT provision. The following audit is used on those visits and we attach it here in case it may support your self evaluation.

NQT Audit

Example NQT Induction Policy

An NQT's teaching should be observed at regular intervals throughout their induction period to fairly monitor against the relevant standards. A full-time NQT's teaching should be observed during their first four weeks in post and at least once in any six to eight week period after that. Where a NQT works part-time, the intervals between observations will need to be adjusted pro rata, but the first observation should still take place in the first six to eight weeks. The information from this observation, as well as from other monitoring e.g. drop-ins, book looks, pupil voice, learning environment, curriculum provision, pupil progress etc. will feed into the professional progress review meeting and will be used to update the tracker.

The following observation formats are optional, one is more detailed  than the other, but remember that feedback must be against the standards.

At six points over the year the NQT's tracker should be updated, by pooling the information gathered from lesson observations, drop-ins, pupil progress data, books etc. During these meetings the NQT can bring additional evidence of their performance.

Annotations made on the tracker are a written record of the discussions during a Professional Progress Review Meeting. You will need to save off a copy to your pc in order to annotate the document.

However if the tutor prefers to record in greater detail, a Professional Progress Review Meeting format is available

 Professional Progress Review Meeting format

Teacher Standards Tracker

Teacher Standards Tracker - Completed Example

Teacher Standards Tracker - Excel


Teacher Standards Tracker

Teacher Standards Tracker - Completed Example

1st, 2nd & Interim NQT assessment report

Final NQT assessment report

Example of completed 1st, 2nd & Interim assessment report

Report Return Timetable

Autumn Term 2019  - NQT assessment forms should be returned by Friday 6th December 2019

Spring Term 2020  - NQT assessment forms should be returned by Monday 23rd March 2020

Summer Term 2020  - NQT assessment forms should be returned by Tuesday 23rd June 2020 

Please note the dates above are for FULL time NQT's - if your NQT is part time you will be notified of their individual assessment due dates.

Please ensure that the correct form is used, and that all sections are filled in. Once the reports have been completed, the  NQT should add their comments.  If they wish to make no comment, it would be helpful for this to be recorded and for the report to be signed by the NQT in the usual way.  This is in order for us to ensure that the report has been discussed with the NQT.  Thank you for your understanding.

Please ensure that all sections of the report are completed before submission and that NQTs are given the original report.

The reports should be returned to: NQTs@gloucestershire.gov.uk  but in order to comply with the statutory guidance, the reports must be sent from a relevant school mailbox i.e. the headteacher, NQT Co-ordinator, NQT Induction Tutor or School Admin


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