Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs)

Changes to NQT induction from September 2021 (Early Career Framework reform)

(updated 22/06/2021)

Gloucestershire Local Authority have emailed out to schools an update in relation to Appropriate Body services from September 2021. Please read below the content of this email.

Please find below a flyer showing price and details of our services as an Appropriate Body from September 2021.  This service is in alignment with the Early Career Framework (ECF) reforms and has been adjusted to ensure that the monitoring and fidelity checks meet those new requirements.

GCC Appropriate Body Flyer 2021/22

As you know, schools can choose their appropriate body:

  • Gloucestershire Local Authority Appropriate Body, or
  • Balcarras Teaching School Hub, or
  • Odyssey Teaching School Hub, or

Please note that this is not yet live on GCC Plus and we will let you know when this is available (very shortly) so that you may purchase it in the usual way.

LA prices will be reviewed each year in line with our commitment to ensure a match to cost and no more. 

A reminder too, that we are holding an information event on 29th June 3.30p.m. on Big Blue Button. To register for a place to attend live or to access the recording at a later date, please go to to book your place, after which you will be sent details on how to join the session. Please note there are two events set up on GCC Plus, one if you wish to attend the Live event and one if you intend to view the recording. Places are limited to one per school at the live event.

As always, please get in touch with us with any question relating to your ECTs who will be starting induction from September 2021.

Email us on or call 01452 427804 / 01452 427892

For any existing NQT queries, please contact us via email at or call 01452 427804 / 01452 427892

We look forward to working with you and supporting you through the ECF changes.


(updated 16/06/2021)

The DfE have recently updated their guidance on the early career framework reforms. This was updated on 7th June 2021. Please review the updates using the link below. 

Gloucestershire local authority will notify schools via email with regard to the purchase of the early career teacher (ECT) services. We anticipate being able to provide this update by 25th June 2021.  

We will also be hosting a one hour webinar event sharing details on both the Appropriate Body services and the CPD delivery on Tuesday 29th June at 3.30pm on Big Blue Button virtual platform.

The event is suitable for anyone with a role in supporting early career teacher induction eg headteachers, chair of governors, induction tutors or mentors.

To register for a place to attend live or to access the recording at a later date, please go to to book your place, after which you will be sent details on how to join the session. Please note there are two events set up on GCC Plus, one if you wish to attend the Live event and one if you intend to view the recording. Places are limited to one per school at the live event.

Please do not hesitate to contact the NQT team if you require any further information.


(updated 28/05/2021)

Early Career Framework Reforms and LA Services from September

As you are aware, the Early Career Framework Reforms take effect from this September and we outline below some key information about the Local Authority services.

Appropriate Body

The Local Authority will continue to act as an Appropriate Body for Early Career Teachers . We look forward to supporting you and your ECTs in this way, whilst working within the Early Career Framework. We will send details of how to register for this during Term 6, and will let you know our pricing structure as soon as possible. We will also run an information event for Induction Tutors before September.

 Primary CPD (For info)

As you know, we are working in partnership with the two Gloucestershire Teaching School Hubs to deliver primary CPD locally for ECTs through the provider-led option. This is fully DfE funded and includes support for mentors as well as for ECTs. We will deliver this in several localities across the county in relatively small groups of ECTs and provide continuity for that group over time. This will enable ECTs to support each other, as well as to share good practice with each other and from Gloucestershire schools and practitioners.

We look forward to getting more information out to you directly as soon as possible, but in the meantime, if you have any questions, we would be very glad to answer them.

Please contact us through , or contact me directly at


(updated 30/03/2021)

As you may be aware, updates have been made by the DfE to the  Early Career Framework reforms which outline proposed changes for September. This is for new teachers from September, not existing NQTs.  Local arrangements are being created for Gloucestershire schools, but whilst those are being finalised, some of the key points are summarised below :

  • Induction for NQTs (or Early Career Teacher - ECTs) will be increased from one to two years.
  • 10% non-contact time for ECTs will continue in Year 1, with 5% non-contact time in Year 2.
  • Role of mentor / tutor is key and some DfE funding provided for their time in Year 2.
  • Specific funding will be given to schools for each ECT.
  • CPD programmes will all be related to the Early Career Framework with three options for schools:
    1. Enrol in one of the DfE funded programmes built by national providers (more detail on this option below)
    2. Use freely available online resources for mentor / tutor supported self-directed study
    3. Devise and deliver school’s own programme from the framework.

Discussions are taking place with the Teaching School Hubs on ways to work as a partnership in order to continue to fulfil the Appropriate Body duties (eg registration, reporting, support etc) and offer the DfE funded programmes locally as a means for all Gloucestershire schools to access Option 1.  This will include the local networking and face-to-face contact that NQTs have so appreciated in the past. 

Please be assured that information will be released as soon as possible, so that schools can fully consider their options.


Covid-19 affecting NQT Induction

Message for schools and NQTs accessing NQT services from Gloucestershire Appropriate Body (12th January 2021)

Observation and Feedback

In light of the current lockdown and the blend of class and remote learning, we are aware that observation and feedback for NQTs may be challenging at the moment. However, it is important that NQTs continue to receive feedback in order to guide their reflections and support their ongoing development. Thank you for your flexibility in finding ways to do this, even if it might not be a live physical presence in the same classroom. Some schools are finding it helpful and practicable to record a digital lesson and to look at the recording together. If you have other ideas that you would like to share, we would be delighted to receive them.  Although not part of the NQT’s own assessment, there are recorded lessons available on Oak Academy which may provide additional material for valuable discussion too.

Assessment and Reporting

Also to let you know that GCC assessment report formats remain unchanged this year along with the new NQT online system of reporting for NQTs new in post on or after  1st  September 2020.  A reminder that, when evaluating a NQT’s  performance, it is still against the standards but taking into account what can reasonably be expected in their current context. If you have any concerns about a NQT please get in touch with us as soon as possible. We will support as always, albeit virtually, rather than a school visit at the moment.

Please see below excerpts from the DfE guidance ‘ Induction for newly qualified teachers (England)’ revised April 2018 and, as always, please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.

Observation of the NQT’s teaching practice

2.36 An NQT’s teaching should be observed at regular intervals throughout their induction period to facilitate a fair and effective assessment of the NQT’s teaching practice, conduct and efficiency against the relevant standards. Observations of the NQT may be undertaken by the induction tutor or another suitable person who holds QTS from inside or outside the institution.

2.37 The NQT and the observer should meet to review any teaching that has been observed. Feedback should be prompt and constructive. Arrangements for review meetings should be made in advance and a brief written record made on each occasion. It should indicate where any development needs have been identified.

 Professional progress reviews of the NQT

2.38 The induction tutor should review the NQT’s progress at frequent intervals throughout the induction period. Reviews should be informed by evidence of the NQT’s teaching. Objectives should be reviewed and revised in relation to the relevant standards and the needs and strengths of the individual NQT. The NQT should record evidence of progress towards objectives and agreed steps to support them in meeting their objectives. Evidence should come from practice.


NQT automated system linked to GCC Plus

Our NQT automated system is now live. For most NQT’s the next assessment reports are due on 23rd June 2021.

We recommend you log in to the system at your earliest convenience to ensure you can access the NQT module.

You will receive future notifications to let you know when assessment reports are due and NQT Induction Tutors, Heads and NQTs have the ability to ‘sign’ their assessment reports online so no more physical paperwork. We recommend you save frequently to avoid losing your work.

Please contact us for the details you will need to access and use the system. 

This module is for NQTs who have started at your school on or after 1st September 2020.

For those schools who have NQTs who started before 1st September 2020, please continue to complete NQT assessment reports in the original paper format and submit to us by email.

If you have any questions, or need help, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at


If you have appointed a NQT who will start induction at your school during the Summer Term 2021 and you would like Gloucestershire LA to be your appropriate body, please continue to follow the procedure below:

  • Purchase the NQT Appropriate Body membership. With effect from September 2020, this will be a cost per NQT.  For full details of our services including prices and how to buy your subscription online, please go to the GCC Plus website:


The induction year

Statutory induction is the bridge between initial teacher training and a career in teaching.

It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue with monitoring and an assessment of performance against the relevant standards.

The programme should support the NQT in demonstrating that their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory by the end of the period and equip them with the tools to be an effective and successful teacher.

  1. The timeline below shows key tasks over the year and can be a useful checklist.
  2. The tracker is intended to be a year long accumulated record of the NQT's performance against each of the standards. It can also be a record of annotations made at each of the six professional progress review meetings over the year.

2020-2021 Induction Timeline

Overview Chart of NQT induction

Teachers Standards Tracker

Teachers Standards Tracker Completed Sample

Teachers Standards Tracker Excel


 Schools should pre-plan some of the key information to be shared with their NQTs over  a termly induction programme e.g. assessment or preparing for Parents Evenings. The Induction programme will also guide NQTs into the use of their dedicated NQT time.

See the example induction programme below.

Induction programme (blank)

Example Induction Programme


Help Line

If you have any questions, please contact us:


For NQT induction or appropriate body enquiries, please call: 01452 427804/ 01452 427892

For primary CPD programme enquiries, please call: 01452 427101/ 01452 427892


Primary NQT CPD Programme 2020 - 2021

Following the success of previous years' NQT CPD programme, please find details of the 2020 - 2021 events.

Flyer 2020 - 2021

Please complete and return your booking form for each NQT to:

To purchase the CPD programme please go to Business Support Service


Primary NQT CPD Programme 2019 – 2020

Subject Expertise Events

Early Years Events:  EYFS Specialist (Reception) - 25th February 2020 or

                                 EYFS Non Specialist (Year 1-6) - 27th February 2020

English Events:   KS1- 24th March 2020 or  KS2  26th March 2020; held virtually - Resources for this event can be found by logging in to your Big Blue Button account.


Secondary NQT CPD Programme

Facilitated by Adfecto. For further details, see Adfecto  


Induction Tutor training / updates

The meeting was held virtually on 29th September 2020

The recording and resources to accompany this virtual event can be found on your Big Blue Button account.

If you become an induction tutor mid-year, and missed the training update, please get in touch with us via email:


Help Line

If you have any questions, please contact us:


Telephone: 01452 427804

We try to visit schools and monitor  NQT provision. The following audit is used on those visits and we attach it here in case it may support your self evaluation.

NQT Audit

Example NQT Induction policy


An NQT's teaching should be observed at regular intervals throughout their induction period to fairly monitor against the relevant standards. A full-time NQT's teaching should be observed during their first four weeks in post and at least once in any six to eight week period after that. Where a NQT works part-time, the intervals between observations will need to be adjusted pro rata, but the first observation should still take place in the first six to eight weeks. The information from this observation, as well as from other monitoring e.g. drop-ins, book looks, pupil voice, learning environment, curriculum provision, pupil progress etc. will feed into the professional progress review meeting and will be used to update the tracker.

The following observation formats are optional, one is more detailed  than the other, but remember that feedback must be against the standards.

At six points over the year the NQT's tracker should be updated, by pooling the information gathered from lesson observations, drop-ins, pupil progress data, books etc. During these meetings the NQT can bring additional evidence of their performance.

Annotations made on the tracker are a written record of the discussions during a Professional Progress Review Meeting. You will need to save off a copy to your pc in order to annotate the document.

However if the tutor prefers to record in greater detail, a Professional Progress Review Meeting format is available

 Professional Progress Review Meeting format

Teacher Standards Tracker

Teacher Standards Tracker - Completed Example

Teacher Standards Tracker - Excel


 Teacher Standards Tracker

Teacher Standards Tracker - Completed Example

NQT module report submissions timetable (for NQTs starting from 1st September 2020)

Autumn Term 2020 - NQT assessment forms should be completed online by Friday 11th December 2020.

Spring Term 2021 - NQT assessment forms should be completed online by Friday 19th March 2021.

Summer Term 2021 - NQT assessment forms should be completed online by Wednesday 23rd June 2021.

Please note the dates above are for FULL time NQT's - if your NQT is part time you will be notified of their individual assessment due dates.



If it becomes apparent that an NQT is not making satisfactory progress against the standards, please get in touch straight away, to enable us to arrange a support visit.  

Email: Telephone: 01452 427804 

The following action plans can be used to provide additional support and clarity.

Action plan (DOCX, 16.8 KB)

Example Action Plan (DOCX, 48.8 KB)


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