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Exclusions Update - 1st September 2021


The following update contains information from Gloucestershire County Council around changes to Department for Education (DfE) exclusion terminology from September 2021 and reminder of statutory duties in relation to reporting exclusions. 

  1. Change to exclusion terminology

The DfE has changed the term Fixed term exclusion (FTE) to Suspension from September 1st 2021.

Please update any policies, templates or parental information to ensure it is in line with new terminology. Updated GCC guidance and templates and reporting documents are available at:

  1. Exclusion reporting process

When do schools need to report exclusions?

  • Any permanent exclusion (including where a suspension is followed by a decision to permanently exclude the pupil);
  • Any exclusion which would result in the pupil being excluded for a total of more than 5 school days (or more than 10 lunchtimes) in a term; and
  • Any exclusion which would result in the pupil missing a public examination or national curriculum test.

The Head teacher must also notify the Local Authority once per term of any other suspensions not already notified.

Notifications must include the reason(s) for the suspension and the duration of any suspension.

For a permanent exclusion, if the pupil lives outside the Local Authority area in which the school is located, the Head teacher must also notify the pupil’s ‘home authority’ of the exclusion and the reason(s) for it without delay.

Permanent exclusions

For permanent exclusions Gloucestershire County Council will be continuing to use the online system called JADU to notify of permanent exclusions.

Details have been emailed to each school individually as to how access this online form. If this information is required again please contact:

Suspension (Previously called fixed term exclusion)

  • Any suspension which would result in a pupil being excluded for a total of more than 5 school days in a term (or more than 10 lunchtimes) or which would lead to a child missing a public exam or national curriculum test, must be reported without delay at the time of issuing.
  • Whilst all other suspensions must be reported termly, we request that this is done as the suspensions occur (or at least fortnightly). This will help us greatly in maintaining accurate and up to date records for your school.

There are two ways to report suspensions to Gloucestershire County Council.

The school can choose to either –

  • Complete the suspension reporting spreadsheet on Schoolsnet


  • Email a copy of the suspension notification letter sent to parents*

To report a suspension the completed spreadsheet or copy of letter will need to be emailed securely to

*Please note the letter to parents must contain the following information to be accepted as a method of reporting - start and end date of suspension, number of days suspended and the appropriate DFE reason code.

If you have any questions, please call your Inclusion Officer or the helpline on 01452 427274

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