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Exclusions update (February 2022)


The following update contains information from Gloucestershire County Council around statutory duties in relation to reporting exclusions and information on post permanent exclusion phone calls by Gloucestershire County Council.

1. Suspension reporting is now overdue for Term One

All schools are statutorily required to report a permanent exclusion, any suspension which would result in the pupil being excluded for a total of more than five school days (or more than ten lunchtimes) in a term; and any suspension which would result in the pupil missing a public examination or national curriculum test without delay.

‘The head teacher must also notify the local authority and governing board once per term of any other suspensions (Previously called Fixed Term Exclusion) not already notified.’ Notifications must include the reason(s) for the suspension and the duration of any suspension. (4.3 The head teacher’s duty to inform the governing board and the local authority about an exclusion- Government Exclusion guidance ) 

If you have any outstanding suspension notifications for Term 1 (three term academic year) that need reporting please report them by following the instructions below (If you have not issued any suspensions, you do not need to report a null return). If you require support with this, please contact your Inclusion Officer. Please save this bulletin for future reference should you need guidance on reporting suspensions.


It would be appreciated if returns could be made to Gloucestershire County Council termly in line with the Government statutory exclusion guidance. Below provides an outline of the two ways schools can report exclusions to Gloucestershire County Council- It can also be found here - 


Any suspension (previously called Fixed Term Exclusion) which would result in a pupil being suspended for a total of more than 5 school days in a term (or more than 10 lunchtimes) or which would lead to a child missing a public exam or national curriculum test, must be reported without delay at the time of issuing. Whilst all other suspensions must be reported termly, we request that this is done as the exclusions occur (or at least fortnightly). This will help us greatly in maintaining accurate and up to date records for your school.


There are two ways to report suspensions to Gloucestershire County Council

The school can choose to either :

  •  Complete the suspension reporting spreadsheet (attached to this bulletin)


  • Email a copy of the exclusion notification letter sent to parents*


To report a suspension the completed spreadsheet or copy of letter will need to be emailed securely to  

Suspension reporting form


*Please note the letter to parents must contain the following information to be accepted as a method of reporting - start and end date of suspension, number of days suspended and the appropriate DFE reason code from the list below.


PP: Physical assault against a pupil

PA: Physical assault against an adult

VP: Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against a pupil 

VA: Verbal abuse/threatening behaviour against an adult

OW: Use or threat of use of an offensive weapon or prohibited item

BU: Bullying

RA: Racist abuse

LG : Abuse against sexual orientation and gender identity

DS : Abuse relating to disability

SM : Sexual misconduct 

DA : Drug and alcohol related 

DM : Damage

TH : Theft

DB : Persistent disruptive behaviour

MT : Inappropriate use of social media or online technology

PH: Wilful and repeated transgression of protective measures in place to protect public health


2.  Post Permanent Exclusion phone calls

GCC has implemented a new process to provide parents with advice and guidance around exclusion statutory procedures. Following a permanent exclusion, parents will receive a phone call and/or guidance document setting out aspects of the exclusion guidance relating to their rights and roles within the process. GCC guidance for parents can be found at:

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