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EYFSP, Phonics screening check & Key Stage 1 Pupil Assessments


In recent years Data Management Team has provided ‘Expected Pupils’ lists in advance of the summer EYFSP, Phonics and KS1 assessments. However, they are now in a position to be able to modify and shorten the process by removing this part of the procedure and in its place utilising the information contained within the data feed (B2B) that schools regularly provide to the LA.

When assessment data is received by the LA it will be cross checked against that contained in the B2B data feed and schools will be notified of any potential issues that are identified, for example, different UPN or pupils on roll that have not been included in the return. They will then send you notification of any variances, via Perspective Lite, to give you the opportunity to review and resubmit if necessary. Please remember to ensure that any changes that you may make to the assessment return are also reflected in the school Management Information System (MIS), for example, SIMS.


So the process steps for 2022 are as follows.


Schools to submit assessment data to the LA, via Perspective Lite, between these dates;



Expected from

Submitted by


6th June

24th June


6th June

17th June


6th June

24th June*

*where schools are moderated the ‘Submitted by’ date will be extended until two days after moderation has been completed.


After a cross check with B2B data feed any discrepancies or queries that they have identified will be notified to schools, via Perspective Lite, in an Excel file. If, after checking the data, a school wishes to resubmit the return they should do so no later than 8th July by sending an updated file that contains all of the pupils assessed not just any that have been amended.


If you require further information, please contact:

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