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Gloucestershire College students – winning against antibiotic resistance!


Over 40 schools and colleges in the county were approached and asked to submit entries into a competition to help raise awareness of antibiotic resistance amongst sixteen – twenty four year olds. Antibiotic resistance doesn’t just affect us here in Gloucestershire - if nothing changes, by 2050, 90,000 people in the UK will have died from antibiotic resistance. People develop antibiotic resistance from taking too many antibiotics, often when they are not needed. For example did you know that the common cold and flu are viruses and cannot be treated with antibiotics?

The competition was set up through the Gloucestershire Antimicrobial Stewardship Group to raise awareness of this global threat. The sixteen – twenty four year old age group is one of the highest misusers of antibiotics, so this is why they were targeted for the competition.

The winning entry came from Gloucestershire College and to help you highlight this global issue, downloadable posters and educational animations can be found online. Please encourage staff and students alike to access these resources here www.gloucestershire.gov.uk/antibiotics

Competition Winners

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