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Internet Safety for Summer Holidays


As the summer break is fast approaching Gloucestershire Constabulary has helpfully put together some key guidance for parents and professionals.

Some key guidance for parents and professionals around internet safety:

  • Remind young people that not everyone online is who they say they are and it’s very easy for someone to conceal their identity
  • Ensure young people know what to do if they have a negative experience on social media, games and online (e.g. telling a trusted adult ASAP and making use of mute / block / report functions)
  • Ensure adults receiving such disclosures focus on assisting the young person on safeguarding, e.g. muting / blocking / reporting the individual(s) responsible rather than going down the route of punishment (as the young person may not disclose future issues if they think they will be in trouble and/or have their device(s) taken away)
  • Parents to be mindful of age ratings – they’re there for a reason, and check that their children are only utilising games and apps appropriate for their age. can help parents get a holistic overview of apps, games and even films with reviews from their experts, parents and young people.




Gloucestershire Safeguarding in Education Team

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