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EU Exit Preparations

Please ensure that you and your staff are familiar with the DfE guidance available online at
Lord Agnew (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System) issued a letter to Directors of Children’s Services requesting that it is shared with state schools. Read the ‘Guidance for schools on leaving the EU’ letter online.

Introduction of a new online form to notify the LA of a permanent exclusion


As you will be aware, when a school makes the decision to permanently exclude, the LA has to be notified by the Headteacher on the day the decision is made to permanently exclude. Up until now, this has been done using a word document which is then emailed into the LA. 

From September 2018, this process will no longer exist and instead we are asking schools to notify us via a dedicated online form.


As well as providing the LA with the key information required to ensure that the LA can fulfil its responsibilities for permanently excluded children, particularly in relation to 6th day provision, this new form will also ensure the APS receiving the young person has the detail and documents they need to plan effectively for when the young person arrives with them. 

The new form will also ensure when the young person transitions to their new school after their time at the APS the new school has all the relevant background information to plan effectively. All of these aspects will ensure that the young person and their needs are at the heart of the required processes.

This new online form therefore has some extra elements to the previous word document and, in order to ensure that all elements are incorporated into the notification, there are mandatory fields within the form. In recognition of this, and so to try to keep the workload to a minimum for the excluding school there are two sections to the form:

  • Section A: to be completed and submitted on the day of the PEx (given the enhanced level of detail required, we have designed it so it can be completed by a senior member of staff then signed off and submitted by the Headteacher);
  • Section B: to be completed within 3 working days by senior staff and submitted.

Details will be emailed to each school individually as to how to access this online form, and detailed instructions will be provided within this. These will be with you the week beginning 10th of September.

From our discussion with schools about this new form, there have been some questions about the security of the data, particularly within GDPR. The Achieve Service is a secure platform used for a number of protected activities between GCC and the public involving personal data, and offers enhanced security to that of an emailed document.  The emailed details and instructions will provide more information on this.

Thank you in advance for your help with this new process, and thanks again to those staff who have already given feedback. In the early days of this new process and system we are aware there are likely to be some questions relating to the online process; we look forward to working with you to resolve these.


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