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EU Exit Preparations

Please ensure that you and your staff are familiar with the DfE guidance available online at
Lord Agnew (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System) issued a letter to Directors of Children’s Services requesting that it is shared with state schools. Read the ‘Guidance for schools on leaving the EU’ letter online.

Looking Beyond the Non-Attendance – a missing and child exploitation perspective


From a missing and child exploitation perspective, truanting, absence, or non attendance are all a cause for concern.  

Please see below, a joint message from the Child Sexual Exploitation Unit, Gloucestershire Constabulary, Children’s Services, Youth Support team and the Education Hub.


As per Working Together to Safeguard Children 2018, ‘Early intervention is necessary to identify the existence of any underlying safeguarding risk and to help prevent the risks of a child going missing in future.’ We would therefore take this opportunity to re-remind schools of the need to take every possible step to ensure that all children are safeguarded; and as part of their safeguarding duties, the need to investigate any unexplained absences as per KCSIE statutory guidance.


From a missing and child exploitation perspective, truanting, absence, or non attendance are all a cause for concern.


Things we are aware of:


  • The more absences, the more at risk a child is
  • Groomers (both criminal and sexual) encourage children to skip school rather than home. This is to avoid police & social care noticing
  • No child puts themselves at ‘risk’ but are vulnerable to negative influences. This poses the question, “If a child is not in education, where are they?”
  • Parents /carers may not always know if their child is not in school


It is vital that schools put in place appropriate safeguarding responses for children who are absent without authorisation, including for significant periods of time and for children who go missing from school, particularly on repeat occasions.


There are many circumstances where children may become ‘missing’ or may be absent; through these, children can be at significant risk, including risk of harm, neglect, abuse, exploitation and radicalisation as well as the risks of underachieving, poor outcomes, and becoming NEET. We therefore ask that schools continue to ensure they put in place appropriate safeguarding responses, and report any attendance concerns to the LA so they can be followed up with schools as necessary.


For advice and support around child sexual exploitation (CSE), please contact the CSE team on 01452 753037. The team are able to undertake group work in secondary schools.


For advice and support around missing children and young people, please contact Stacy Lewis on 01242 242825


For advice and support around attendance, part time timetables, and 10 day absences, please contact your linked Inclusion Officer or phone 01452 427800 to speak to the Inclusion Team.

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