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EU Exit Preparations

Please ensure that you and your staff are familiar with the DfE guidance available online at
Lord Agnew (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System) issued a letter to Directors of Children’s Services requesting that it is shared with state schools. Read the ‘Guidance for schools on leaving the EU’ letter online.

Premises - Preparing for summer term and summer holidays – Important Action Required


Now the school holidays are around the corner, the following advice will help you to prepare for the summer months.

Premises Log Books

Please ensure your premises log books are up to date and are easily accessible for everyone on site, including visiting contractors and Property Care Officers.

Isolation of Mechanical services.

  • Ensure you know where your isolation points are within your buildings. (Your Property Care Engineers can help to identify the location of stop taps and main isolation valves within your buildings. Buy Back sites only – Property Care Silver & Gold SLA’s).
  • Make sure that they are free to operate.
  • Keep access routes clear and unhindered to these important isolation points. 

Boiler and Heating controls.

  • Ensure controls are set correctly and you have a basic understanding of their operation. 


  • Ensure lagging to mechanical services and storage tanks is in good order.
  • Pay attention to remote out buildings and temporary buildings.  


It is essential to check your heating & calendar settings are correct.

Where TREND systems are installed you can log into your system by “copying and pasting” the below http address link into your Internet address bar (not search engine).

If you have been provided with a different http address by Asset Management and Property Services, please continue to use the one you have been advised of.

You must log in as soon as possible (checking that all of your TREND network cables are connected) to ensure you are able to log-in and change settings as required.

Calendars (Diary Section) can be set up well in advance of school holidays; we encourage you to use this feature to help manage your heating settings more effectively.

Please Note:

If you cannot connect to TREND, it is essential to check that your router is still connected to your TREND system by “Ethernet” (network) cable. Please check this is securely connected.

If you have changed internet provider or had any ICT works completed, please contact your Property Care Engineer for advice as your IP address link to TREND may have changed.

Please see attached TREND Basic Operation Guides which explain how to review and adjust TREND heating settings.

Adjusting Time Settings

Applying Calendar Exceptions

Change Temperature Settings

Please also ensure plans are in place to review heating / boiler and other premises tasks in preparation for returning to school in September.

Help is available!

Your dedicated Property Care Engineer can assist if you require support to prepare for the summer term and summer holidays, depending on the level of Property Care SLA you have purchased.

Should you require further assistance please email the Building Helpdesk building.helpdesk@gloucestershire.gov.uk

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