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EU Exit Preparations

Please ensure that you and your staff are familiar with the DfE guidance available online at
Lord Agnew (Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the School System) issued a letter to Directors of Children’s Services requesting that it is shared with state schools. Read the ‘Guidance for schools on leaving the EU’ letter online.

Scam Advertising Invoice


A school received a call at the end of last term from a person alleging to be working for Gloucestershire Police, asking if the school would like to advertise in On-Call, an emergency services magazine.

An invoice was subsequently received from a company called The Hannay Partnership Ltd for £175 plus £35 VAT (although the invoice states it is not a VAT invoice).

This is a well known modus operandi for a scam whereby someone pretends to work for one of the emergency services, saying that the emergency service will benefit from the revenue generated from the advertising, to get companies to advertise in a magazine which is never widely published.

If any school receives such a call be aware that it is highly unlikely that anyone from the emergency services will contact a school to advertise in an emergency services magazine. Although a company may produce a magazine for you to view it will not be widely circulated and therefore there will be no value in advertising in it, and the emergency services will receive very little or nothing from the advertising revenues. Individuals have been prosecuted for running such a scam in the past.


If you have any queries please contact Janet Bruce on 01452 328889 janet.bruce@gloucestershire.gov.uk

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