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School Catering Charges


GCC catering charges for UIFSM (Universal Free School Meals) have always been calculated using the same data and methodology that the ESFA use to allocate the grant to schools. This year the GCC catering charge was calculated using the same methodology as previous years, however due to potential discrepancies in some schools data on the January census the ESFA have, this year, made an adjustment to how the UIFSM income was calculated.


This adjustment has resulted in some significant differences in what some schools have been charged for their UIFSM catering contract and the UIFSM income schools have been allocated. Therefore GCC has decided to amend the previous UIFSM catering charges to schools. The new catering charge will directly match a schools 21-22 (July) UIFSM grant allocation.  The UIFSM grant always contains an adjusted element relating to the previous years take-up, Schools have already received refunds in 20-21 which should have accounted for this adjustment. Any additional charges or refunds due to schools will be made in due course.


Overall the UIFSM grant income received by schools this year was less than the original  UIFSM catering charge, this overall deficit will not be charged back to schools, but will be covered by GCC.


Moving forward it has been agreed that the UIFSM catering charges will continue to match a schools UIFSM grant allocation. In future years the initial UIFSM catering charge on GCCPlus   will be based on the grant income received the previous year (July) and then an adjustment will be made once the ESFA have confirmed grant allocations in July



  • The first is focussed on Behaviour Management which can be found here. The closing date for this is the 10th August.
  • The other is on the move to a hard national funding formula, which can be found here. The deadline for this is the end of September, so provides a little more time.


GCC is working of responses to both these consultations and will share our submissions with you as soon as possible. Of course we would encourage all schools to review these consultations and respond. This is an opportunity to share your views on government policy in these important areas of development.


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