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The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS), also known as Clare’s Law


The request to the police for information about a person’s previous violent offending may be made in person at the police station or elsewhere, by telephone, by email, online or as part of a police investigation. It can also be facilitated by a partner agency where a request has been made to them.

There are two methods of referrals;


‘Right to Ask’

The request for disclosure may be made by either the potential victim or a third party with concerns about a potential victim. Any disclosure will be made to the most appropriate person, which may not be the applicant but a person best placed to safeguard the potential victim, e.g., the potential victim, a parent or third-sector worker.


‘Right to Know’

The police can receive indirect information relevant to the safety of a potential victim. This is likely to arise from:

  • A criminal investigation which leads the police to believe that the potential victim is at risk of harm from their partner
  • Information on alleged violent offending by the subject – this could  be received from partner agencies as part of information-sharing meetings, from intelligence sources or from either party coming into contact with the police as part of routine operational duties.

Applicants can apply via the Constabulary website or following this link -

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